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    Minor League Thread 2024

    I can't tell if my sarcasm in the first sentence there didn't convey properly, or if you just thought it was a dumb post, which admittedly, it may have been. I was agreeing with both of your points though. It was a lame attempt at a joke, jumping off of your statement that "The determination to...
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    Minor League Thread 2024

    I, for one, am outraged by your not so subtle outrage towards the level of collective outrage currently permeating the fanbase. Frankly, it's outrageous. And yeah, if you're making a trade to acquire a guy from the Rule V draft, it kinda stands to reason you'd wanna keep him on the roster...
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    Minor League Thread 2024

    That's precisely why you'd be an asset there.
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    Minor League Thread 2024

    Good to have you back, sir. Hopefully at some point, you'll reconsider your position on returning to the main board as well.
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    Mayo is the New Coach

    This comment is positively sig-worthy. Especially for anyone that also posts regularly in the Red Sox forum.
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    Offseason rumors

    I will also be very disappointed if we don't land Yamamoto, unless it is reported that he chose another team strictly due to non-monetary factors that we have no control over such as geography, quality of current roster, teammate preferences (i.e. Ohtani over Yoshida), etc. I am firmly in the...
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    Minor league thread 2023

    Welp, you've now caused me to make both my 1st, and 2nd, posts on this board in over 20 yrs of lurking. I'm sure you're humbled. Please don't let the inferiority complex of one dope (did I forget to capitalize that?) drive you away from a site that almost universally agrees your contributions...
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    8/29/2023 - MiLB from the future

    As someone who has lurked on this board damn near every day for the past 20 yrs and never felt compelled to share an opinion on anything (literally 1st post ever), please, please, please do not retire from these. This is some of the best content on SoSH, and I have to imagine there are many...