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    Report: Red Sox and X close on contract extension

    I don't think anything keeps them from making a Harper-Trout hybrid offer to Betts. Keeping everyone else is doable, but would mean really trimming down on the edges of the roster until Pedroia, Price and Eovaldi are up in a few years, so I don't know how likely it is. They're going to need to...
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    Start, Sit, Trade: Play Along with Dave

    Vazquez hasn't shown the ability to hit for power in 5 years, since low-A, with none in AA, AAA or MLB. We will see how much he ends up walking in MLB, but I'll guess not much if that doesn't change. Swihart had a terrible season vs L as R, but that is where a bunch of his upper level minors...
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    Start, Sit, Trade: Play Along with Dave

    I am not a believer in Vazquez's bat. I think Swihart has a chance to be a vastly superior all-around player. I hate the idea of taking Swihart out from behind the plate, decreasing his value as a player. And since he had to get called up so early this year I don't like the idea of him using up...
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    That's All-Star BROCK HOLT!

      Bogaerts was out to a lead   #XforASG 32.7% #VoteDozier 20.3% #VoteMoose 18.1% #Voteyo 14.7% #VoteGardy 14.1%   but the fine print says twitter votes only count from 10a to 4p on Friday.
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    Obnoxious Boston Fan fired by

    Awesome news. Was truly awful.
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    5/14 MiLB Gameday: For Those about to Pitch, We Salute You

    Johnson's starts in 2014-15  
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    Crazy Trade Proposals That Never Came True

    March 1975, the Indians offered the Red Sox Gaylor Perry (36) for Bill Lee (28) and Roger Moret.     March 2009, Theo turns down Michael Bowden for Miguel Montero.   September 2009, Epstein claimed and worked out a trade for Jose Bautista but ownership says no because it would have put the Red...
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    The premature re-signing Lester thread

    There are a lot of tweets that were deleted by that kid between the Stanton news breaking by the Miami guy and now that would open some eyes.   Saved By The Bellhorn is where a lot of the old ESPN board posters went when those closed down.
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    The premature re-signing Lester thread

      Well you can't tell us much then because this is completely false.   When being good at finding stuff on twitter and guessing and luck and taking it too far combines = perfect storm.
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    The premature re-signing Lester thread

      It wasn't a writer.
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    Allen Craig

      That is in 30 innings. In 586 innings in RF he is at +2.5 UZR with 1 defensive run saved.
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Aside from not telling Victorino not to but, and the Morales disaster... the one situation I really disagreed with him was 2 outs, bottom of the 6th, 2nd and 3rd, down 2-1....... and letting Saltalamacchia hit and not going to Nava or Carp. Is that fan over-management thinking? The way...
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Sounds like Mazz has some serious pent-up issues with Gammons, as they discuss his interview with T&R, they are destroying Gammons and Abraham.
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    NFL Video/GIF Thread
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

      That's just going along with what Oakland did to him. Oakland threw him 1% offspead pitches and 86% fastballs. Pretty much the only thing they threw inside to him was his up and in homer.   Edit: Looked, Sox are elevating the cheese more  
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    (lack of) power play - 15% or bust!

      He came off at 4:05... shot, penalty, faceoff, penalty, bruins timeout. 5 on 3 starters at 4:56.   Bergeron, Krejci, Iginla, Eriksson, Chara played the whole thing. Seidenberg and Bartkowski played the first shift after.    ...
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    NFL Video/GIF Thread

    Think happy thoughts
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    NFL Video/GIF Thread   need to watch this on loop or something to get over this sox game
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Why would they want a short series or the Red Sox to exit the playoffs? They said on Friday they want the Sox to win, even though though Felger picked Tigers in 7.