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  1. gammoseditor

    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    The Butler pick is probably the greatest play in sports history. I doubt any other single play swung championship odds more.
  2. gammoseditor

    2018 NFL Game Thread - Week 1

    I would pay all of my money for Boyz 2 Men to sing On Bended Knee instead of the national anthem to kick this off.
  3. gammoseditor

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Yup. One of the worst running takes on the show is the anger toward Celtic fans.
  4. gammoseditor

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Jonah should announce his upcoming book about Tim Raines HOF election, "Now I Can Die in Peace".
  5. gammoseditor

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Would you pass him over if you had him #1 on your board because of his father? Last Thursday Ainge was on T&R and said he has never passed over a player because of his family. Seems like a good way to end up with Jahliil Okafor instead of Kristaps Porzingis. It's not a perfect analogy, but...
  6. gammoseditor

    Sunday 2nd Round Game Thread

    And he traveled after the charge.
  7. gammoseditor

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Mazz has hammered every decision this team has made the last three years and has been wrong every time. Logan Mankins. Revis. Jamie Collins. Chandler Jones. Every draft day trade.
  8. gammoseditor

    Pats trade for Kony Ealy

    I think they only move back 8 spots. Last pick of the 2nd to 8th pick of the 3rd.
  9. gammoseditor

    2017 Jimmy G: The Dilemma

    The 2018 picture with JG and Brady on the team doesn't make sense to me. You'd nearly be paying JG what Hightower and Butler would cost combined. Or you could trade JG for a haul now. We'll see.
  10. gammoseditor

    2017 Jimmy G: The Dilemma

    I think you argued last year that the Patriots should extend JG and I thought it was nuts at the time. There are a lot of signals from the Patriots that you might be right on this. My only question is, how do you see this working in 2018? Do you think it's realistic that JG signs an extension...
  11. gammoseditor

    Well Done: Cooks' Season One in NE

    Malcolm is under contract for 1 more year, then he is going to want a huge payday. Don't get me wrong, I love Malcom and don't want to see him go. But Cooks at his contract probably has more value than Malcom at his.
  12. gammoseditor

    Patriots Sign Stephon Gilmore

    I think it's more likely that Hightower is gone than Butler. They'd rather spend the money on a CB than a linebacker.
  13. gammoseditor

    Celebrating What Is

    New Banner: Considered Drafting Tom Brady
  14. gammoseditor

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Ball is probably going top 3. At worst he's a lottery pick. Calling him a cautionary tale for anything seems a bit much.
  15. gammoseditor

    The sixers and building a winner

    Brooklyn? Philly is going to offer him the max and keep him. Unless the situation gets worse he's their franchise.
  16. gammoseditor

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    His father has been brought up more than once in this thread. It's hard to imagine any scenario where you think he's the most talented guy on the board and you pass over him because of his father. Is anyone making the case to pass over him regardless of talent?
  17. gammoseditor

    We won. We all had a hand in it. What did you do?

    At some point I muttered, "well, if they win it will be the greatest comeback ever." And when White scored in OT I jumped up and yelled " HE'S IN!" despite my wife not wanting me to scare our new dog.
  18. gammoseditor

    Celtics Trade Deadline Game Thread

    Top 15 talents, that are outside the top 5, don't win championships as the best player on the team. And it's not clear we could have gotten one without giving up picks and a combination of guys in our current starting lineup.
  19. gammoseditor

    Celtics Trade Deadline Game Thread

    What path are you advocating? There's no clear strategic path that leads to NBA championships. The path is to luck into an all time great. How many championships have been won over the last 30 years without a player that is top 25 all time? And in those cases most of them at least had a top...
  20. gammoseditor

    Celtics Trade Deadline Game Thread

    But no one is saying they could have made a reasonable trade for an established star. It sounds like you wanted them to make a trade that wasn't available. Which star do you think they should have traded for and what do you think they could have gotten that player for?