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    A Dream of 2025, What is Going Right and Looks like the Sox can Build On

    That's the number one thing to do this offseason?
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    Carl Erskine, RIP

    I was re reading Boys of Summer when the news of Erskine's passing broke. I wish there were more ballplayers like him today. He was a great pitcher and a Hall of Fame Dad. RIP Oisk
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    4/17 vs Guardians

    Wow! Now that's a young lineup in the field. Who's the grizzled veteran? Reyes? Duran?
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    4/16 - vs Cleveland - in which Dalbec finally gets a hit

    Looks like Casas tagged the dirt.
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    4/16 - vs Cleveland - in which Dalbec finally gets a hit

    Tough for Casas to run with his head up his ass. 3 hits in an inning.....0 runs
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    Chain of Lakes Park - 1966 -2024

    Our old spring training home from Winter Haven is currently being demolished. This was our Florida home from 1966 to 1992. I for one have very fond memories of watching the Sox train there. Another era, another time.... Demolition of historic Florida stadium underway (
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    Wave of mutilation: The latest injuries

    Blaming Dalbec for the team losing a game 1-nil? It's going to be a long, long season....
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    Let's Predict the 2024 Red Sox Season

    70 Wins. I expect the Sox to be sellers by the deadline this season. -Team leader in Wins? Bello -Team leader in Losses? Houck -Team leader in Saves? Jansen -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? Bello -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? Yoshida -Team leader for OPB (qualifying)...
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    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    My guess is that in 2025 the message will be all about the youth movement. I think the only 2 guys on the team over 30 will be Story and Masa (maybe Refsnyder). I'm not so sure what else they can market at this point.
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    Offseason rumors

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    Minor League Thread 2024

    I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but, our old friend Thad Ward was optioned to AAA by the Nationals on the 11th.
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    What if you could change one thing - Red Sox edition

    April 16, 1945. That day, Jackie Robinson, Sam Jethroe and Marvin Williams were in Fenway Park for a tryout.
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    Offseason rumors

    Does it really matter at this point? Bobby Dalbec is so far down on the list of issues with the 2024 squad.
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    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    DE-5vers defense is a far cry from medicore. He's the best guy on the team with a bat in his hand and by far, the worst guy on the team with a glove in his hand.
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    Offseason rumors

    He doesn't mention that the guy who hit in front of him (Verdugo) and the guy who hit behind him (Turner) are gone. So maybe he's a bit peeved of losing that protection in the lineup.
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    Offseason rumors

    I have more faith in Grissom in the field than Devers fielding 3B. But I have so little faith in this year's squad that, to me, it doesn't matter so much. In a year or so, Story will be most likely playing 2B anyway.
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    Red Sox to be 1st MLB featured on Netflix series

    Netflix and Chill, huh? I'd like to see that happen.
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    Offseason rumors

    Depth? The Dodgers have finished first in their division 10 times in the past 11 seasons, but only one WS championship. The Dodgers goal has to be to win the series, not make it to the playoffs. If I were the Dodgers, I'd be all in on Jansen right now.
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    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    I don't think the Red Sox are responsible for how other teams minor league prospects fare. Preseason predictions rankings/judgements are exactly what they are.
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    Theo’s back????!!!!

    For the short term sure. Then the heirs sit in JH's chair. For some reason the Angelo's family keeps popping up in my head.