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    05/17 - F$!# it

    C’mon Wilyer
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    Civale @Pivetta

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    4/30/2024 - Arrivaderci April

    There are currently sixteen position players on the 40. All the outfielders are on the 26, so could see an additional one with options added to WOR.None of the current OF at WOR, Rosier, Contreras and McDonough, are hitting.
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    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    Those Harvard stadium games were fun. That team sucked but the parties in the stands were great.
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    Happy Maye Day

    6 and 47 for 4 4 and ‘25 1st for 3 Only if NYG is desperate for Maye Can’t see AZ or LAC dropping to 11,12 or 13
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    What Was The Red Sox Starting Lineup For Your First Home Opener in Person? Starting Lineups Orioles 1 Luis Aparicio SS 2 Curt Blefary LF 3 Frank Robinson RF 4 Brooks Robinson 3B 5 Boog Powell 1B 6 Davey Johnson 2B 7 Paul Blair CF 8 Andy Etchebarren C 9 Steve Barber P...
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    2024 Mock Drafts are more fun than this boring, awful Patriots Team

    Apologies if this has been discussed but what would CHI pay to move from 9 to 3 to pair MHJ with Williams? Or is it not worth it to them with Nabers and Odunze lurking?
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    Offseason rumors

    The Sox were -47 OAA through July, -3 the rest of the year. The biggest changes were replacing Hernandez with Story (-12 to +8 at SS), Devers recording -9 OAA through July and 0 the remainder of the year, improvement by Valdez from -4 in his first stint to +1 in September. The SS is of course...
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    McAdam: “Full Throttle” may mean business as usual

    It was Price and Sale on top of Hanley/Sandoval/Rusney on top of Crawford/Lackey/Beckett that made Henry say enough. Devers was the exception after the loss of Bogaerts.
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    Choosing your Favorite Child

    How many of us cried after 07, 13, or 18?
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    2024 Lineup (What we actually have - no trade speculation.)

    Of the current depth chart I have eleven on the opening day roster; OF (5) Yoshida, O’Neill, Duran, Abreu, Refsnyder IF (3) Casas, Story, Devers Super Utility (1): Rafaela C (2) Wong, McGuire That leaves two slots: Starting 2B, Backup CIF 2B should be a ST competition among Valdez, Reyes...
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    2023 Offseason MLB News/Rumors Thread

    Snell has been trying to get to Seattle, he’s from there, I believe.
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    Minor league thread 2023

    many thanks, JM3
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    Top 250+ Red Sox Prospects List (Prospect Discussion Thread)

    Do you know if he changed his pitch mix in the post MLB WOR stint?
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    Top 250+ Red Sox Prospects List (Prospect Discussion Thread)

    Walter? WALTER?! Where r U?!
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    2024 Core

    Something to keep in mind with Yoshida is his splits hitting as LF and DH. LF: 131 wRC+ in 304 PAs DH: 93 wRC+ in 185 PAs He’s been worth 0.8 fWAR as a LF, -.1 as a DH. This is a small sample size, but he needs to adjust his approach as a DH. I doubt his defense would improve that much, maybe...
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    8/26/23 - LAD @ Sox: Fight Back

    Felt like a Yankee game from 20 years ago. Apologies if already referenced.
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    What does the Red Sox outfield look like in 2024?

    Home: LF 135 PA, 147wRC+ DH 79 PA, 121 wRC+ Away: LF 123 PA, 133 wRC+ DH 91 PA, 92 wRC+
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    What does the Red Sox outfield look like in 2024?

    Baseball Savant has a new defensive metric, Fielding Run Value, that includes range and arm. Yoshida has a value of -9 in 501 innings,which is tied for 204 of 210 players who have set foot in left field this season. Refsnyder is at 0 in 275 innings in LF, while Duran is -1 in 154 innings. So...