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    Game 6 - It was not Death, for I stood up

    better teams lose all the time in the NHL playoffs but we don't have the speed to beat their forecheck --not sure how to beat them---immediately start going up ice and quicker passes---but many times Florida forced the puck deep --but the Bs' board springing didn't work and then the long clears...
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    5/13 - G4 @ CLE - Didn't Come to Cleveland for the Weather

    is there some reason Tilman is getting no floor time? I know he is not a great shooter but he is a good defender and Al seems to think he can defend point guards now
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    Round 2: Celtics vs Cavs

    centers should not be guarding opposing guards in open space
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    5/11 - G3 @ CLE - Scott Wedman: Hero of Watertown

    how about posting him up instead of taking 3's!?
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    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    none of those 3 have been that great--Shatt at least has experience and can occasionally score?
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    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    totally agree---pressure from Florida seems to be forcing them to clear it out or try the boards--we don't have enough speed to play dump and chase against this team (unless we really start pounding their stars)--it's a tough matchup but game 1 proved we can score on them but they changed their...
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    Round 2 Bruins-Panthers

    it may or may not end well but it is more than just that last fight--it's being douches in front of our goalie when up by 4 or 5 and running their mouths--Florida has tons of talent but they need to learn how to be good winners---just think if they did that shit in front of Hextall back in the...
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    5/9: ECSF Game 2: Cavs@Celtics

    agree here as well--it seems every once in a while, Joe just goes into this zone of let's play the second unit no matter what and then zones out
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    5/9: ECSF Game 2: Cavs@Celtics

    agree---the Celts missed a ton of shots--even the close in easy ones were bouncing around and the Cavs were hitting 3s--a little more physicality on Mobley would be nice and the Cavs did a good job of keeping off of Mitchell
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    Game 1 - The Payback

    not a fan of this coach--I know he has had two good seasons and he is doing the normal find something we can do better to comment upon but his continuing negativity will lose the team
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    Tuesday: @ Milwaukee

    it was wierd with so many no calls on legitiimate hacks--which is fine if we are going back to the 80s but someone is going to get hurt. Also I thought the Tilman pick up was good at first but not sure he adds much??
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    2023-24 Celtics

    they have to know when to stop taking 3's--Denver didn't take as many and drove and got a lot of FTs--I think the key against Denver is tire Jokic out
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    3/7 - Catch-22 in Mile High

    it might be old school but only two ways i think they can counter their size--match it with our bigs every chance they get--make them feel pain underneath and take advantage of the occasional mismatch and make them run and play D to wear them out---their team is not really that deep--get oen or...
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    What does Red Sox starting pitching look like in 2024?

    I'm kind of done with Sale--they need to get two good starters that are more healthy than not and they need to stop moving them all around--but I get why they have had to do that the last couple of years
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    Tom Brady is retired

    he had too much done on his face--doesn't even look like the old Tom
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    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    their 3 pt shooting was cold and all their other shots were not going in---even though they had good drives and good looks---basketball is streaky that way--they need to back away from 3's when they are not making them and drive--last night was too important a game to just stick with them when...
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    if the Celts shoot like they normally do and continue to out rebound the Heat (which they will) and Miami shoots less hot than the first 3 games the Celts win. And maybe some fairer calls than the refs in Miami---our guys are getting hacked with every layup and Lowry is hip checking like he is...
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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    they have often shown at times when are vulnerable--double teaming Butler, running on them and high pick and roll the other game they could not defend against--do this with discipline and you beat them and come on they have guys that are not great defenders--got at them and post up against Bam...
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    Joe Mazzulla officially named head coach

    sign JB, not sure on coach and have White as real starting and get a good young center--drop Grif since he doesn't play anyways--does Gallianri change anything?
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    5/21, Game 3 @Miami

    agree with everything you said and I really like this Celts team but stop the whining (and yes the officiating was bad) and agree the Celts try and do hard fouls but it is not tolerated anymore--and call some plays on offense--I don't mind some freedom but when the 3's go cold and they rely on...