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  1. 24JoshuaPoint

    Tim Wakefield has passed away from brain cancer at 57 (10/1 update)

    I'm in shock. It doesn't seem real.
  2. 24JoshuaPoint

    Week 3 Gamethread

    I feel like Purdy has dropped that throw in before except maybe almost out of bounds.
  3. 24JoshuaPoint

    Week 3 Gamethread

    Didn't look like a helmet to helmet or head thing.
  4. 24JoshuaPoint

    Week 3 Gamethread

    I haven't watched a game on tv (no cable) in a while but the whole sound mix sounds terrible? It sounds like a game at Fort Myers in the spring or something.
  5. 24JoshuaPoint

    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    Agree it is the best; by far. I was an avid listener to Gresh and Keefe and after Keefe went to his own show I realized I don't find Gresh entertaining at all. I have no idea what the contract dollars are like for people at WEEI but hopefully even with such a shortened schedule during the summer...
  6. 24JoshuaPoint

    6/18 (was 6/17)-MFY Word Association Fathers Day

    I haven't listened to many games this year with Sean. Has he been drinking?
  7. 24JoshuaPoint

    Round 1, Game 3 - Friday, 7 p.m., against the team from Atlanta

    Why am i listening to high school announcers this is weird
  8. 24JoshuaPoint

    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    I guess his podcast somehow led authorities to arrest somebody involved in an unsolved murder? I did not fully read the details.
  9. 24JoshuaPoint

    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    As someone who even used to occasionally listen to the previous morning show during my drive to work (no idea why i listened), i've tried to listen to this one a few times and have found it awful. And agree, the Mila kunis argument makes zero sense by hoping people believe i just meant "insert...
  10. 24JoshuaPoint

    2023 ST Game Thread

    Is Bradfo hammered?
  11. 24JoshuaPoint

    Is everyone getting more Gmail Spam?

    I was getting more passing thru the spam filter a few months ago but that has stopped. I only get maybe one in a thousand actual non spam messages that hits my spam folder so i'm never in there.
  12. 24JoshuaPoint

    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    Yea i dig the calves.
  13. 24JoshuaPoint

    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    Ughhhhh, that suckss. Looks like he was a hard working guy and drove a bus after he retired.
  14. 24JoshuaPoint

    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    Also agree on Keefe not being great solo. His quick replies are one of the only laugh out loud parts of the current show. What a mess. I have never looked at those ratings before (or listened to the other channel); why is WEEI just so much worse as a whole compared to the other channel?
  15. 24JoshuaPoint

    So long, Framingham Lou (and other WEEI discussions)

    Well that sucks. No longer tuning into mid day either. Already stopped morning and night.
  16. 24JoshuaPoint

    Week 14 Game Thread

    Fuckity fuck fuck
  17. 24JoshuaPoint

    Bruins sign Mitchell Miller to an ELC - now "parting ways"

    Ughh. A lot of people dropped the ball on this one because it went on for so long. How did it not end? I've had so many second chances so it's hard for me to say he doesn't deserve it because other people seemed to have failed him too. Life sentence from hockey? Apparently not in the eyes of the...
  18. 24JoshuaPoint

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    Thank you Bader for making me hate the Yankees even more. And making this day even more special.