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  1. ledsox

    May 2024 MLB Gamethread

    Game was rained out and apparently they will not be calling a game together this weekend.
  2. ledsox

    May 2024 MLB Gamethread

    Royally impressive. KC has scored 8 runs or more in 5 straight games. Giant comebacks. SF has won 3 in a row overcoming 4 or 5 run deficits in each game. 79 multi run innings for the Guardians. Most in MLB. Padres haven’t scored in 3 of their last 5 games.
  3. ledsox

    Following Former Red Sox 2024...

    Justin Turner has hit a stretch. O for 28 and 3 for 44 in May. Down to .225 now.
  4. ledsox

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    This. And you got a pretty good hurler there.
  5. ledsox

    March/April 2024 MLB Gamethread

    94 straight series now, that the Orioles haven’t been swept. Regular season qualifier must be included. Kimbrel with a save for 8 teams now.
  6. ledsox

    George Will's Baseball Quiz - Spring 2024

    32 of41 with a few guesses. Absolutely embarrassed I missed/outsmarted myself on the WHIP question.
  7. ledsox

    Yoshinobu Yamamoto signs with Dodgers for 12 years, 325M

    First time this century that the Dodgers scored 11 and lost. He mentioned after the game that he had an issue executing from the stretch. He only threw one pitch from the wind up to start his night. I guess in Japan he never gave up baserunners. Something to work on.
  8. ledsox

    2023 Offseason MLB News/Rumors Thread

    Monaco filled in on a few White Sox games this year and I was concerned we might lose him. This would be a bad start to the off season. Much prefer him to DOB.
  9. ledsox

    Dick Drago, 1975 Sox saves leader has passed at age 78

    He pitched and won my first Fenway game for the Royals in August of ‘71. He went all the way to beat Lonberg 5-1 with the help of a lead off Freddie Patek homerun. Took him to 15-6 with a 2.77 ERA. Drago gave up 9 hits but with the help of FIVE DPs he only faced 31 batters that night. Was...
  10. ledsox

    September MLB Thread

    Cubs have scored 10+ runs in 22 games this year. More than the last 3 years combined.
  11. ledsox

    September MLB Thread

    83 straight series without getting swept for the O’s. Ties the 22-24 Yankees streak of 100 years ago. Angels, losers of 22 of 30 are up next Red Sox have been swept 7 times this year.
  12. ledsox

    September MLB Thread

    The Mariners lost to the Mets yesterday, 6-3. Remarkable in that it’s their first loss in 41 games by more than 2 runs.
  13. ledsox

    June MLB Thread

    JT Realmuto hit for the cycle last night in a loss in Arizona. First Philly cycle since ‘04 and 15th catcher ever to do it.
  14. ledsox

    Spring Training 2023 Thread

    I’m heading to Ft Myers in a couple days to visit family. Wondering if we can catch some extended ST action or games at or around the JetBlue complex. Will be my first time there though I played in tournaments at the old Sox complex. Any advice/insight appreciated.
  15. ledsox

    Greatest RH hitter in MLB history

    Mays and Aaron, tied. They are incredibly close as hitters. Hank had (barely) more power and Willie had just a bit more on base skill. OPS+ of 155 for each. Without missing almost 2 war years Mays is probably right around Ruth in HRs. He hit over 40 and was MVP his first year back from...
  16. ledsox

    Judge vs. Ohtani

    There was a decent debate but Cabrera won the MVP in his Triple Crown season.
  17. ledsox

    September MLB Game Thread

    5 hits for Moncada last night, including 2 HRs and a double off the wall in Oakland. Teammate Dylan Cease, has received 27 runs of support in his last two starts. He’s given up zero.
  18. ledsox

    Following Former Red Sox 2022 Edition

    Heath Hembree was called up by the Dodgers yesterday and pitched an inning (2 h, 0 r) vs the Mets and got credited with the win. Vasquez is no Reese McGuire but he’s still hitting. Batting .340 for the Astors.
  19. ledsox

    Albert Pujols Watch

    I just want him to pull a real miracle and hit a triple. He has zero in the last 8 years and 1 since 2011.
  20. ledsox

    August MLB Game Thread

    It’s Bonds st 763. No *. But as of now, 5 of the top 15 are not getting the votes for the HoF due to the juice.