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  1. Spacemans Bong

    Champions League - Matchday 6 - 12/10 & 12/11

    Pretty shitty for Ajax, led the group for pretty much the whole time but had one bump in form (they lost to Willem II on Friday) and now they're out.
  2. Spacemans Bong

    2020 MLB Hall of Fame News and Notes

    I doubt this, considering he's still playing and we're already seeing the impact of the Social Security collectors being thrown out of the voting pool in favour of Millennials who actually cover baseball for a living.
  3. Spacemans Bong

    2020 MLB Hall of Fame News and Notes

    It's like when Jack Morris and Alan Trammell got named in the same class. You took the bad with the good. What has probably hurt Baines' reception as much as anything is the other inductee was Lee Smith, who is almost as marginal a Hall of Famer as Baines, so there was no "Oh man, he was SO...
  4. Spacemans Bong

    All-Time Favorite Baseball Teams that Weren't Your Team

    The Oakland A's arriving had a lot to do with the attendance drop off. You add the two teams up and you pretty much have the pre-1968 Giants baseball attendance. The A's drew like shit for a decade-plus despite having a bona-fide dynasty and a nicer park than Candlestick -- they barely cracked a...
  5. Spacemans Bong

    Connecticut, Leading The Nation In Bad Minor League Team Names

    What's not helping the Sea Unicorns' look is they transparently got the same design agency for their rebrand as the Yard Goats'. Reminds me of how the Padres refreshed their duds in the 80s and ended up looking like a thrift shop version of the Giants...because they hired the same agency...
  6. Spacemans Bong

    Commentator evaluation: Jim Nantz

    He's fine, certainly far better in enthusiasm and delivery than Buck, who has the pipes of a twice-divorced public high school English teacher and openly doesn't give a shit about sports anymore. I agree that Romo has helped him come out of his shell a bit.
  7. Spacemans Bong

    Scottish Fitba 2019-20: Sorry For Laughing

    Just the most hilariously jammy win by Celtic imaginable. One shot on goal the entire match, one corner, a man sent off with a penalty given, on and the goal was offside. Forster and Jullien were excellent but you love to see it.
  8. Spacemans Bong

    All-Time Favorite Baseball Teams that Weren't Your Team

    I'm not surprised -- it's getting pretty hard lately to find real old-school Cooperstown hats besides the Brooklyn Dodgers. Most of the throwbacks are from the 80s or the 90s, it's even hard to find the 1970s red and blue Red Sox cap from Game 6, etc. I stupidly left my handmade NY Giants hat on...
  9. Spacemans Bong

    All-Time Favorite Baseball Teams that Weren't Your Team

    JMOH, we have a future Boston Braves hat purchasee.
  10. Spacemans Bong

    Wilpons to sell controlling interest in Mets (or maybe not)

    I’m guessing Cohen sees waiting for five years as worth it to own the team he roots for — he’s from Long Island — rather than the Milwaukee Brewers or something. The Mets seem like a great opportunity considering how much sports franchises go for. A huge fanbase starved for somebody besides the...
  11. Spacemans Bong

    All-Time Favorite Baseball Teams that Weren't Your Team

    I've had to rule out a lot of teams. No Red Sox, no Giants, no A's (proximity) and no Mets (my favorite aunt and uncle root for them, plus they had Pedro in 2005-06). Honestly, I was pretty big on the 2017 Astros until Luhnow turned out to be a fucking ghoul. In a similar vein, the 2006 Tigers...
  12. Spacemans Bong

    M.L.B. Said to Be Pushing for major Overhaul of Minor Leagues, eliminate up to 40 teams.

    Or, you know, MLB could just improve the facilities and pay of minor league teams using the enormous, taxpayer supported profits they make every year. Just because you don’t watch short season baseball doesn’t mean nobody else does. The world does not revolve around you.
  13. Spacemans Bong

    Liverpool 2019-2020: Let's Talk About Six, Baby

    Duckenfield found not guilty; English justice is a sham yet again.
  14. Spacemans Bong

    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    I have a Pawtucket Red Sox hat -- the old kind with just a P -- and I love it. I have a BritSox one too, which I've wanted for at least 15 years. I would wear it more often if Ebbets Field Flannels and New Era had the same definition of 7 5/8. If they do a 59/50 Worcester Red Sox one like...
  15. Spacemans Bong

    Soccer and Foxboro (Gillette)

    And you'd want a smaller stadium for a World Cup qualifier anyway, because at 66,000 Gillette is big enough that you can't really control ticket supply. Columbus can probably pack out the stadium with season ticket holders and their families, and so you can bet on a mostly pro-US crowd.
  16. Spacemans Bong

    2020 MLB Hall of Fame News and Notes

    The Hall has sysematically underelected players since expansion began in 1962. They really should be electing as many players as possible to make up for this. No one is going to the Hall to see Burleigh Grimes or Paul Waner anymore. With the way the Hall has admitted candidates, the standard is...
  17. Spacemans Bong

    Tottenham Hotspur 2019-20: Jose can you see?

    It's interesting how it's heavily implied Spurs' budgeting relies on them making the CL consistently. That's a big ask given the volatility of the top six, or possibly seven given what Leicester's doing. Spurs have only made the CL four times this decade after all. Look at Liverpool or Arsenal...
  18. Spacemans Bong

    Tottenham Hotspur 2019-20: Jose can you see?

    If the club had any foresight and vision they would do this. It could be the English football version of Leo Durocher managing the New York Giants and turning them around (at the expense of the Dodgers no less). But they won't.
  19. Spacemans Bong

    Grapes Crushed - Cherry out from Coach's Corner

    Talking to him before firing him was probably their last-ditch attempt to get Don to fall on his sword and apologise.