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  1. Archer1979

    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    Just adding more episodes to his eventual Netflix documentary...
  2. Archer1979

    Pedroia has "significant setback with his left knee"

    Best moment of cockiness was when the Sox were hit hard by the injury bug one year so Francona put Pedroia in the clean-up spot for a game. Pedroia's reaction was "About $%*%ing time." while he walked past David Ortiz.
  3. Archer1979

    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    Except, if there was something there I would have expected something very non-commital along the lines of "I can't comment on the investigation. We'll just have to wait and see... " What he did say puts him out on a limb if he knew something was up... JD Martinez Comments...
  4. Archer1979

    The Athletic: The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

    I really don't know what to think of this one, but I'm just putting it out there... Apparently you can't lose if you bet on the Yankees...
  5. Archer1979

    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    After the Soxfest thing at the MGM in Springfield and JD Martinez's comments, I'm beginning to think that this is going to be a big nothing-burger. That said, why would taking away the use of the replay room be THAT much of a competitive disadvantage? They can still challenge replays, they...
  6. Archer1979

    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    The road team does, but the way that I've read it is that the layout in Fenway Park made it very easy to use for this purpose for the Red Sox. The road team wouldn't have had that advantage at Fenway, and the Sox wouldn't have had that advantage on the road. My reasoning for losing the replay...
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    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    We all know by now that MLB is investigating the Red Sox (or some players) for using the replay room to decipher signals and getting that information so that they can relay the intel to the batter when we have guys one second base. Since MLB has been quiet(bigger fish to fry with Houston), and...
  8. Archer1979

    Beltran steps down as Mets manager

    Loathe as I am to defend the NYY, but this is purely on Houston big-time and (hopefully) to a smaller degree Boston. This isn't the NFL and the Patriots contrived Various-gates. There is smoke. There is fire. All that is out there (that isn't rumor) for NY is before the 2017 reset...
  9. Archer1979

    Ranking Cheating in Baseball

    The best explanation as to why I've heard that betting on your own team to win is also forbidden is that it sends a "message" to the bookies that you don't intend to throw the game.
  10. Archer1979

    Alex Cora fired

    I'm not worried about the legacy of 2018 just yet. Let's see what the investigation comes out with. The Sox are going to get hit hard for being repeat offenders, but this had nowhere near the effectiveness or the systemic level that Houston's was. I know... Houston's GM wasn't directly...
  11. Archer1979

    Cora in line for major suspension?

    I would say nothing is off the table based on what I've read (most of which was linked in this and other threads). But as Nip once said in the Ghostbuster reboot thread... "This is bad, this is Mom has cancer bad." From an organizational standpoint, I don't know how the Sox ownership gets...
  12. Archer1979

    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    The silver lining in all this is that you've had two championship teams in the last three years with former players, emphasis on plural, apparently blowing the whistle. For the Patriots, who have been supposedly cheating for the last twenty years, have not had ONE former player come out and say...
  13. Archer1979

    2020 Pats Off-Season: QB Discussion Only

    The bolded is the most relevant question for those in the "Brady is looking to get paid" camp. This isn't Brady in his prime with many years left. He's worth more to the Patriots from a marketing standpoint than he is to any other NFL team. The comp isn't perfect as Jeter was a shell of his...
  14. Archer1979

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    I've always viewed the anti-Patriot bias as an old money vs. new money thing. The old guard in the Rooneys and the Maras can't comprehend how a relative newcomer to the sport can come in and pretty much take over by simply outplaying them. The Patriots' role in the NFL is to be doormats with...
  15. Archer1979

    MLB plans to remove marijuana from banned substances list for minor leaguers

    Bill Lee, Jim Willoughby, Bernie Carbo, and the rest of the Buffalo Heads just broke out their mitts as well. It is a progressive move. Hopefully MLB will expand it and the NFL will follow.
  16. Archer1979

    Manny, Ortiz, Duquette, Gedman, and Dinneen to be inducted into Red Sox Hall of Fame

    Thanks HPC. I've always thought that was one of the greatest columns ever written: Also:
  17. Archer1979

    SoSH namesake gets his due...

    Great article. It doesn't get said enough how grateful we are that you guys started it and that Nip is carrying the banner. And... welcome back.
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    2019 MLB Awards Week: Verlander barely beats Cole for Cy Young

    The Angels haven't exactly been a league powerhouse either. Trout has rarely played on the big stage while Lebron has been a fixture in the post-season for many years. Not saying that he hasn't been one of the best baseball players on the planet for the last few years. Just that he hasn't had...
  19. Archer1979

    2019 TB12: Everyday Is Like Sunday

    At first look, something seemed off, but it looks to be a list of people and things that changed the game. For instance, AstroTurf is on the list. As great as Brady is, he hasn't revolutionized the sport so much as excelled at it. Belichick is #11 which makes sense...