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  1. Manuel Aristides

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    For the first time ever, Philip Rivers's Chargers peak at the right time. They win on the road three times, a la Eli and the Giants, before stunning New Orleans in the final. San Diego weeps-- but they have a parade there anyway, because they're just so darn nice. Wild Card: IND over HOU LAC...
  2. Manuel Aristides

    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    Except that, by having a third catcher on the roster, they were able to pinch hit Devers for Leon in game 4. That pinch hit ended up being the 9th inning go-ahead RBI. Also, Swihart avoided the DP in his ensuing AB, which moved Devers up and forced the IBB of Mookie, keeping the chain moving for...
  3. Manuel Aristides

    The bench thread

    God, I love this place.
  4. Manuel Aristides

    SBLII: Who's Gonna Win?

    All I know for sure is that, with Brady sitting on 68 career postseason TD, his first one tonight is going to Gronk. 27-20, Pats.
  5. Manuel Aristides

    2017 Belichick Breakdowns

    "James just puts his head down, kind of like he did in the Atlanta game last year." That's the superbowl winning touchdown he's referring to. The man is a robot.
  6. Manuel Aristides

    Divisional Round Gamethread

    Kids these days celebrate wrong! When I was their age we celebrated up hill, in the snow, both ways! Plus they spend too much time on my lawn!
  7. Manuel Aristides

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2018

    Buffalo over Jacksonville KC over Tennesse New England over Buffalo Pittsburgh over KC New England over Pittsburgh -- Rams over Atlanta New Orleans over Carolina New Orleans over Philly Minnesota over Rams Minnesota over New Orleans -- Minnesota 31, New England 27
  8. Manuel Aristides

    Farrell out

    Can anyone think of another instance where a manager was ejected from the game and then never returned to manage the team again?
  9. Manuel Aristides

    Red Sox bar The Riviera in NYC is closing

    Man! I move to New York in two weeks and had The Riviera on my list of must-hits. Go figure. I'd be game to help establish something new... Williamsburg or elsewhere...
  10. Manuel Aristides

    Gillislee is a Patriot

    I mean, sure, maybe, but everything Edelman has done/said make me think he'll do whatever he can to stay with Brady, including a team friendly deal. It doesn't seem like an act to me, the amount he loves playing with TB12.
  11. Manuel Aristides

    How are you betting the championship weekend?

    I never bet the pats (since the first time I did was SB 42...) myself but, FWIW, I do not think this is dumb at all. Only NE/PIT Over 50.5 seems at all risky, but it's easy to imagine envision, and worth the shot if you're talking about a bigass parlay.
  12. Manuel Aristides

    (Non-Patriots) Divisional Round Discussion and Game Thread

    I'm with you guys, but, I think the reasoning is that coaches don't want to do anything to throw off the (gulp) momentum. I agree that, in terms of strategy alone, it is indefensible. But, I can kind of get it: scoring a huge TD then following it up with the bad news that you actually still need...
  13. Manuel Aristides

    Thank You, David Ortiz

    I've never started a thread here but if Alan Embree gets one of these, I think Ortiz deserves his own space outside of the season-long goodbye thread. Delete it if you must, I wanted to start it. Thank you, David Ortiz, for giving a depressed 17 year old a reason to be jubilant twelve years ago...
  14. Manuel Aristides

    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    Great thread for those of us who know that lawyers wear suits and little else. The expertise is interesting and informative. I have little to add, and I'm sure I simply missed it, but: how long would you barrister-types expect to wait they male a decision on holding the en banc? Based on the...
  15. Manuel Aristides

    The Worst Free Agents In Red Sox History

    Gah, I always forget that Crawford also had the distinction of being the one to murder Matt Clement. Which particular sin was he penance for? Rarely has a single man wrought so much (largely incidental) destruction on one team. "Fun" article; the same kind of self-tortuous "fun" as we'll all...
  16. Manuel Aristides

    Mets Spoil Royals Celebration

    I think this is my top all time non-game-related fenway moment. This or "our fucking city".
  17. Manuel Aristides

    The new net behind the plate

    As a season ticket holder in FB 50, for years the first section NOT covered by netting on the 3B side... I am bummed. The free and clear access to the field was a rush every time. So, selfishly, I do sort of hate this. There's no way it didn't just reduce the aesthetic and financial value of my...
  18. Manuel Aristides

    Which type of plate discipline is eating Panda?

    Came across this crummy ESPN spring training report mentioning Sandoval had another error today, as well as the homer. What really concerns me isn't 3 errors in 8 games (it's spring), but they way he himself talks about his defense. It's similar to the tone I've been hearing in regards to speak...
  19. Manuel Aristides

    Spring Training 2016

    jesus god, if they'd broadcast the games in that framerate, I'd never leave my apartment. Thanks for the share.