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  1. vadertime

    Eovaldi to the IL

    Rapidly nearing the point where it might be best just to punt on the season. Trade a couple people at the deadline, get a top 10 pick and start rebuilding the farm.
  2. vadertime

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    So if Gronk did decide to come back, how would that work contract wise? Would he have to sign a new contract, or would a pro-rated version of the old one go into effect?
  3. vadertime

    Following Former Red Sox 2018

    Clay Buchholtz makes first MLB start in over a year for Arizona Sunday Henry Owens DFA by Dodgers Junichi Tazawa DFA by Marlins
  4. vadertime

    Sony Michel R1 #31 RB Georgia

    The medical reports are scary though. I'm skittish on the pick. RB is a position where you can get by without a star in today's NFL.
  5. vadertime

    BOS bullpen 2018

    Correct. He was not invited to the big league camp.
  6. vadertime

    Free Agency Game Thread

    Blount or Woodhead for RB depth? Taking a quick look at the FA listing those 2 seemed to jump out.
  7. vadertime

    Following Former Red Sox 2018

    Wow. Still just 29, and batted over .300 in limited action in AAA last year. There wasn't a minor league deal out there somewhere? Never mind that was 2016 not last year.
  8. vadertime

    2018 Gronk Watch

    Still in the prime of his career. His most injury free year. Still has 1-2 years of Brady. Why would he walk away?
  9. vadertime

    The Pace Of The Game Thread (This Thread Used To Have A Long soxhop Title)

    I remember way back when Lou Gorman was GM and they did 'Sox talk' after Sunday games. One of the callers asked about bringing them back way back then, and he said they once had a pitcher step off one of them and injure his ankle and was out for an extended period. He was against it for that...
  10. vadertime

    2017 Playoff Position Thread

    Are we sure Hogan didn't get re-injured? Came back for that one game and was ineffective and has been out since.
  11. vadertime

    Week 16 Game Thread

    I thought they were allowing celebrations this year? Why was that a penalty in SEA/DAL? Because the pot is considered a prop?
  12. vadertime

    Following Former Red Sox 2017

    Henry Owens now a Dodger having been claimed on waivers from Arizona.
  13. vadertime

    Week 16 Game Thread

    Wasn't that a similar play to what the Pats did against Baltimore that they got pissed at?
  14. vadertime

    Red Sox Offseason News and Notes

    So why tender Owens a contract if you were only going to put him on waivers less than a week later?
  15. vadertime

    Red Sox Offseason News and Notes

    Seeing some non tenders from other teams announced. Is midnight the deadline to tender contracts? Did everyone get offered?
  16. vadertime

    Farrell Watch

    I'm not a Farrell fan, but he's got us 2 straight division titles. Would another manager gotten us further either year? Doubtful. Sometimes its better to stick with the devil you know then the devil you don't.
  17. vadertime

    The Epitaph on the 2017 Season

    Don't know what you can do. You're locked in at all 3 OF spots, 3B, SS, 2B, and DH unless you want to eat Hanley's contract. That leave 1B and C. And presumably, you'd want Travis to step up and play 1B. Vazquez didn't do bad at C either. You have Wright coming back for the rotation, and you...
  18. vadertime

    Following Former Red Sox 2017

    Jamie Callahan made his major league debut Saturday. .2 IP 3H 2R 1ER
  19. vadertime

    Brissett traded to Colts for WR Phillip Dorsett

    Seems like a waste. Returns have become greatly devalued with the new kickoff rules, and he seems like someone that will be cut next training camp when Edelman is back. You're trading a 3rd string QB so it's not a big deal, but I would've hoped for something a little more. Given how all it...
  20. vadertime

    Rajai Davis to Red Sox

    Minor league OF Rafael RIncones