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  1. TheDeuce222

    Offseason Thread - Betty when you call me, you can call me Al

    Olynyk is under contract for at least one more year in Miami, with a player option at $12M or so for 2020-21. He signed a four-year, 50M deal in 2017.
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    New and Improved: The 2019 Draft Contest!

    Thornhill, Juan, Safety, Virginia Brown, AJ, WR, Ole Miss Brown, Marquise, WR, Oklahoma Harmon, Kelvin, WR, NC State Samuel, Deebo, WR, South Carolina Zaccheaus, Olamide, WR, Virginia Ridley, Riley, WR, Georgia Harry, N’Keal, WR, Arizona State Isabella, Andy, WR, UMass Ollie, Ronald...
  3. TheDeuce222

    Boston Sports Word Association

    1. Game 6 Buckner 2. ____ F#$&ing ____ Bucky Fucking Dent 3. #24 Manny 4. Most hated rival team Yankees 5. Most hated rival athlete Kobe Bryant 6. Most hated rival athlete you also respect(ed) the most LeBron James 7. Boston sports moment you'd most like to have back Hail Mary at the end of...
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    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    AFC: Texans over Colts Ravens over Chargers Patriots over Texans Ravens over Chiefs Patriots over Ravens NFC: Eagles over Bears Seahawks over Cowboys Rams over Seahawks Saints over Eagles Saints over Rams Super Bowl: Patriots over Saints 34-31
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    2018 Patriots: All-Purpose Roster Discussions Thread

    Yeah, he changed from 30 to 21 at the beginning of camp or earlier this spring to allow Jason McCourty to take 30.
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    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    Yeah, I was thinking more Celtics 2018 pick/potential Clippers pick than the premium Kings and Grizz picks. You can certainly make an argument that just Brown and Rozier (plus Morris and the young filler guys) should be enough, but depends on the other offers. If Popovich and Buford are...
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    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    In order to make the money work trading Hayward (29M) for Leonard (19M), the Celtics would have to take on Patty Mills. Beyond the fact that it’s an idea that is DOA for reasons stated by many others upthread, having to take that long Mills contract makes it even more unlikely.
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    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    The deal that works under the cap without including Kyrie, Horford, Hayward or Tatum is Brown, Rozier, Marcus Morris, Yabu, Ojeleye and Nader for Leonard. Obviously would have to include pick(s) as well. You'd then obviously have to resign Smart. Would be unsettling to go into next summer...
  9. TheDeuce222

    Jaylen's Junior Year '18-19

    He also seemed to improve dramatically as the year went on, before a bit of a regression in the playoffs. He was driving me crazy at the line early in the year, but I became much more confident in him as the year went on. Looking at the numbers now confirms my memory somewhat: he was...
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    The All New 2018 Pats Draft Contest!

    Jackson, Lamar, QB, Louisville Rudolph, Mason, QB, Oklahoma State Lauletta, Kyle, QB, Richmond Falk, Luke, QB, Washington State Kiser, Micah, LB, Virginia Evans, Rashaan, LB, Alabama Burks, Oren, LB, Vanderbilt Jones, Ronald, RB, USC Chubb, Nick, RB, Georgia Brown, Andrew, DL, Virginia Green...
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    NBA coaching changes

    Going to be an interesting spring. Suns and Grizzlies jobs are also open after the firings of Watson and Fizdale earlier in the season. Bucks job is very likely to be open as well, unless Joe Prunty leads the Bucks to a miraculous championship later this spring.
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    Celtics Predictions

    58-24, and beat the Cavs in a classic in the ECF in 6 or 7. Likely swept by Golden State. Perhaps I’m far too bullish. However, if the Celtics go something like 46-38 in the East this year, that will be a huge underperformance. Really no excuse not to win 50 games with a young, very talented...
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    2017 Celtics Offseason: News and General Discussion

    This is categorically incorrect. Jackson clearly indicated that the Celtics did want to work him out when they had the 1 pick, but he felt they were going to pick Fultz, so he wasn't going to go in for the workout. "They did a little bit of moving around with their pick," Jackson said. "I...
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    Cap Clearing trade?

    Bernardoni has since tweeted that he was incorrect and this is not possible. If Rozier is the only rotation player getting traded, either Hayward has agreed to take less, or he's being traded with one of the three.
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    Hayward to Boston...Really, We Mean It

    I have really enjoyed watching Utah the last couple years as an up and coming team. But what is the path for Utah to get better? They traded their first round pick for George Hill last year, so no 2016 pick to wishcast on. They have 24 and 30 this year, but the general belief from Jonathan...
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    The New New 2017 Draft Contest!

    I was just thrilled to get one this year with Wise - I think I've struck out multiple years I've done this in the past. ZMart getting FOUR undrafted free agents is absolutely unbelievable. You must have had some inside intel on the scouting process this year! Congrats. And thanks mwonow...
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    Built for the Regular Season?

    One important point being obscured in all of the Rondo hagiography is that he was really quite bad in Game 1. 12 points and 6 assists on 6/15 shooting and a -7 in his 26 minutes on the floor. Bobby Portis and Jimmy Butler won that game for the Bulls. They won it in spite of Rondo. He was...
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    The New New 2017 Draft Contest!

    Thanks for spearheading, mwnonow: Hodges, Bucky, TE, Virginia Tech Leggett, Jordan, TE, Clemson Butt, Jake, TE, Michigan Seals-Jones, Ricky, TE/WR, Texas A&M Smith, Eric, T, Virginia Moton, Taylor, T, Western Michigan Wheeler, Chad, T, USC Tevi, Sam, T, Utah McMillan, Raekwon, LB, OSU Anzalone...
  19. TheDeuce222

    Celtics path forward (hypothetical question included)

    I agree with you in that Ayton, Porter, Doncic, and potentially Carter and Bomba are all 6'7+ and potentially extremely good prospects. I will put in one small caveat. I am a bit concerned the Nets may be significantly better next year. No, not playoff better, but 35 win team? I think it's...
  20. TheDeuce222

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Draft Express has started posting their invaluable strengths and weaknesses videos with Markelle Fultz up today. For anyone who has not seen Fultz play because Washington sucked the big one and was on at 10:30 at night on the Pac-12 network, and is wondering why he's going to likely be the #1...