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  1. Traut

    Sports Cards Mania

    The sweet spot for set builders is usually that the cards (1) aren’t very expensive and (2) are from sets that you can’t buy completely. Heritage is a great example of this. I think others build stadium club.
  2. Traut

    Soccer Bar in Central Connecticut

    The Half Door was the best for Anna Liffey's it is no more. Why can't we have nice things?
  3. Traut

    Sports Cards Mania

    A few things: 1. Shiny new objects tend to command more money; 2. Rookie chase cards. Really it could be that people are bullish on Elly De La Cruz over whoever was in Series 2.
  4. Traut

    Sports Cards Mania

    If your goal is collecting - ebay singles are by far the cheapest and most efficient way to go. The odds of a hit, let alone of a player you want, are really long. If you are looking to rip and want things like autos, relics, etc. The best way to go is to buy Hobby Boxs or Jumbos which you can...
  5. Traut

    Sports Cards Mania

    Heritage tends to be for set builders. You have a massive 500 card checklist. And really pretty long odds on any autos. To each there own, I don’t set build but sometimes buy heritage singles because they can look cool. Added bonus of on card autos.
  6. Traut

    R6/193 Joe Milton - Paradise Lost or Found?

    Hey Joe, coach Mayo here, we have a few options for you: 1. We work with you on transitioning to tight end with an opportunity to start in the NFL; 2. You compete with Bailey Zappe for practice squad QB; or 3. USFL tryouts will begin in 6 months. Sleep on it. Thx.
  7. Traut

    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    The sub forum in the post Belichick era may have to be changed from “Wait, Who??” to “Meh, Him”.
  8. Traut

    2024 NFL Draft 4th through 7th round gamethread WITH SPOILERS

    Thank god indeed. The more swings you take the more hits you’ll have. Getting younger talent on the offense is mission critical. The best way forward is putting Drake Maye in a position to succeed.
  9. Traut

    R3/68 Caedan Wallace OT PSU

    Very much this. They haven’t drafted an edge rusher from a school no one has heard of, a long snapper from a military academy, or a safety. They need to improve the offense. And they are using picks to try and do just that. Pick to pick and player to player the draft makes every team and...
  10. Traut

    R1/3: Drake Maye QB UNC

    I think guys getting broken early on is a thing. The whole Sam Darnold seeing ghosts thing. At some level, confidence matters a lot at the position. And you can only gain confidence by prevailing in the face of adversity. Too much adversity too early is bad. Letting Brissett start with a 21...
  11. Traut

    The Krafts

    If you are going to get the blame if it goes wrong, you should get the credit if it goes right. Kraft deserves credit here. He has been a fantastic owner of this franchise. He certainly didn't throw passes, devise schemes, or draft players but he did his job.
  12. Traut

    The Krafts

    Every time I hear a player say “Mr. Kraft” - I cringe.
  13. Traut

    Jack Edwards to retire

    He lives in Simsbury, CT. Not far from me. We used to work out at the same gym at the same time every week. He is incredibly nice. And in person very mellow and reserved. Guy loves the Bruins and hockey. This must be hard for him.
  14. Traut

    What do you want Pats to do with #3?

    The answer here is unless internally there are massive red flags on either or both of Maye or Daniels they are going to role the dice on whoever is there at #3. There’s enough to get excited about with both of them at an incredibly critical position that it’s a good use of the third pick even...
  15. Traut

    The Fenway Park Experience

    I know it’s not a baseball stadium but I was at Barclays Center for the first round of the NCAA tournament and it expanded my idea of what sport venue food could or should be. Having tons of local, diverse, and fantastic options was amazing. Other venues should take notice and follow suit...
  16. Traut

    Tom Brady is retired

    Sign Brady, nab Marvin Harrison with #3, try and grab JJ McCarthy to sit behind Brady - and LFG.
  17. Traut

    What do you want Pats to do with #3?

    I think this is right. Defenses in the NFL are all so unbelievably fast and complicated that they have an advantage. Better athletes seem to be self selecting into positions like edge rusher. Consequently there aren’t a lot of even good offensive lines in the league. All of this adds up to...
  18. Traut

    Larry Lucchino dead at 78

    I saw him walking through the concourse before game 1 of the 2007 ALDS. We were walking by each other. I recognized him and said “thank you”. Without hesitation he smiled, shook my hand, and thanked me for being a fan. For all the reasons mentioned in this thread he’s a hall of fame level...
  19. Traut

    NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament 2024 - Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen

    College sports come down to coaches. Hurley both gets the players and gets them to buy in. Very good coaches can do 1 of those 2 things. Great ones do both. This UConn team is remarkable insofar as how they play as a team. Prior runs driven by guys like Kemba and Okafor. This team is 8...
  20. Traut

    Shohei Ohtani’s attorneys accuse interpreter of ‘massive theft’ tied to alleged gambling

    As someone who has wired millions of dollars it is a process and a half. I have to go in to the bank. Submit multiple forms of ID, fill out forms, and usually do it in a branch manager’s office. Ohtani certainly has private banking and I don’t know the rules there. But I can’t imagine banks...