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  1. TomTerrific

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    EDIT: Violence therein, you've been warned
  2. TomTerrific

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    Not on this topic I'm not. Seaver was my first sports hero growing up in upstate NY and being a Jets/Mets fan. When I settled in Boston and transitioned to the Red Sox in the mid-80's, having Seaver join them eased that transition. (Still wish he had been able to complete the 86 season and pitch...
  3. TomTerrific

    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    No, the odds of all 4 happening would be 4355-1. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out why this is. As a hint, consider what 1-1 odds mean. BTW, the probability of at least 3-out-of-4 happening, according to the stated odds listed above, are 31/4356 = 0.0071, or 4325-31 if...
  4. TomTerrific

    Active warmup and cooldown exercises for practice?

    I've grown pretty fond of this routine: I typically either play basketball or lift weights, though honestly I only play b-ball from 1-3 times/week, depending on travel, and lift about 1/week. Occasionally I'll go running. In the past I've...
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    2019 Josh Gordon Watch

    nm already covered elsehwere
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    Following Former Red Sox 2019

    Thank god Joe K waited until this year to get serious about his cooking avocation
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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    Portnoy showing his keen grasp of the situation:
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    Tom Brady: Support and Bankability

    Some (though not all) of the ideas Brady has associated himself with are, frankly, kooky and unsupported by facts. He may well end up peddling or standing for things that seem just as or more kooky to me in the years to come. He has also brought me great joy as a Pats fan, and has achievements...
  9. TomTerrific

    Robo strikezone: Not as simple as you think -- Baseball Prospectus

    The article isn't bad for the most part (see below), but it kind of misses the forest for the trees. (BTW, one of the bad parts of the article is the machine calibration part--calibrating to the tolerances required is not challenging at all. And the discussion of RF issues is uninformed, to...
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    SB53: We Need Links Thread!

    Sure they're excited, but who invited the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" kid?
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    That was actually good writing, thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for adding that nice little anecdote in the comments section, SJH. I got a kick out of that.
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    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    That is some weird shit. Maybe it IS the easiest way for them to deal with McVays sideline wandering tendencies, but how big a problem would it be, really, for McVay to have a little more awareness?
  13. TomTerrific

    The world’s greatest sports trivia question is intact for another year

    Amazingly enough I got three of your four, though I admit the Antwaan Randle-El comment helped put Miami of Ohio over the top (I was trying to come up with an Ohio school given Ohio's famous "birthplace of presidents" moniker). I thought about Staubach but couldn't think of any President who...
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    The Game Ball Thread: AFCCG at the Chiefs

    Kind of like how I'm getting a kick out of watching Zolak and Bertrand this morning. Zolak deserves a game ball for whatever partying he did, either before, during, or after the flight home. He's wearing dark sunglasses in the studio, and his left pinky is wrapped in what appears to be black...
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    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    Kellerman is a one-trick pony, and his career lasts as long as Brady does. That is all.
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    AFC Championship Game - We’re on to Kansas City

    This inspired me to go take a glance at Broncos message boards just now. They all have some version of "Who are you rooting for." Seems split fairly evenly between Chiefs, Pats, and world-ending apocalypse, all depending on whose douchey fans and players they hate more. Good schadenfreude.
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    AFCCG: Pats at Chiefs Buildup

    Absolutely. Before I converted to the True Faith, I was a Jets fan growing up in the 70's. We heard the Bubba Smith fix story a bazillion times. As I recall, his "evidence" was 1. Namath guaranteed victory and Namath had mob contacts, 2. Shula held out Unitas until it was too late, and 3. Tom...
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    2019 NY Jets: Why Are You Laughing at Us? (Jets Hire Adam Gase!)

    Wow, that is one freaky video. That’s approaching Clive Rush levels of strangeness for an introductory presser
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    How Did They Do This?

    I understand the general spoofing thing, and that they are exploiting weaknesses in Signalling System 7. What disturbs me is that they know to spoof me using a number that’s familiar to me, my wife’s private work number, combined with an area code that’s familiar to me. The area code thing I...
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    How Did They Do This?

    I’m traveling right now, otherwise I’d ask some smart guy at my home organization, but I just had a vaguely disturbing experience and I’m trying to figure out how disturbed, or not, I should be In brief, I just received a phone call from a number consisting of the 508 area code (my home area...