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  1. The Flying Dutchman

    6/9 Beat Tampa III

    Needed Eddie to be solid today with this lineup backing him. Yuck
  2. The Flying Dutchman

    Rafael Devers, JD Martinez and the future at the corners

    Well, that and and defense, he’s also been thrown out a bunch on the base paths. Hes a 2 or 3 tool player right now (albeit useful)
  3. The Flying Dutchman

    2019 UFC/MMA

    Dudes fought at 155 like 40 times. Yeah he’s getting older but why would this time be an issue? Cerrone is in a weird spot now. He better hope Conor takes his offer because I don’t see him beating anyone in the top 3 and he hates waiting around to fight. I could see him taking a dangerous...
  4. The Flying Dutchman

    Another Chance To Name A Team
  5. The Flying Dutchman

    Another Chance To Name A Team

    The team was the Norwich navigators (a pirate alligator) and the ct defenders (submarine). Before the tigers. I like switching it up.
  6. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    I would pick rich franklin (x2) and forest griffin (at LHW) As his signature wins. He was head and shoulders over anyone at the time. Demetrius Johnson getting no love for GOAT here.
  7. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    All that said. She IS the women’s GOAT. You could even make the argument that cyborg was never really tested against high caliber competition in MMA. Nunez has demolished all comers and even went up a weight class to take out the previous GOAT
  8. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    Bones was winning that convincingly but a bunch of the finishing blows we’re back of the head.
  9. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    Totally on purpose. It was thrown with malice. You don’t KO the Zombie accidentally Still incredible though
  10. The Flying Dutchman

    Green Fields of the Mind

    No heartbreak this year!
  11. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    Not surprised- Replays show Conor threw the first punch in the cage. A cheap shot on one of khabibs training partners while they were both on top of the fence. Judges apparently gave CM the 3rd round. They all had it 29-27
  12. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    I hate this card is happening during game 2.
  13. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    I think GSP would fight kabib or Aldo at LW I tHink you would need to see woodley win at least one more fight before GSP considers it. I think it would be even odds though. No way woodley is a dog in that fight
  14. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    DC has to be so pumped for his ‘red panty’ night
  15. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    Guessing it was a publicity stunt gone wrong. I imagine He’ll lose a few million in lawsuits and settlements but still be doing just fine and make it all back with his next fight with kabib in Russia.
  16. The Flying Dutchman

    2018 MMA/UFC

    Conor did already go 3 rounds and beat Holloway with a bum knee. That was a long time ago though
  17. The Flying Dutchman

    Big Air event coming to Fenway Park

    Johnny Damon's throws from center can now reach home plate with just one bounce.
  18. The Flying Dutchman

    Ortiz. toast?

    I hope Ortiz doesn't read this. This thread might ruffle his feathers.
  19. The Flying Dutchman

    Your 2015 Boston Red Sox

    Lavarnway just got DFA