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    Women's World Cup 2019

    I don't like how VAR is being used. It means, to me, the referee on the field is not really in control of the game. In the Jamaica game a penalty was awarded when a ball hit the right elbow of the defender which was against her body. If it had not hit her elbow it would have hit her ribs and be...
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    Women's World Cup 2019

    There sure are a lot of late continuation fouls. I can't tell if China is that clumsy or is it a deliberate tactic to try and slow down Germany?
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    Champions League - The Final Four

    or even the bars tonight. Defensive positioning was exceptional and the Goalie was a wall.
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    Champions League - The Final Four

    Please run to the corner, please run to the corner.
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    Champions League - The Final Four

    Total heads up play. I laugh at the Barca players holding up their hands for offsides rather than reacting to the ball.
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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    Interesting development,31 patrons are suing the police department and state attorney for secretly filming them while they were receiving a regular massage.
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    Celebrating What Is

    I believe that this series of events with the ball randomly bouncing around led to the drill that the Patriots work on every week. The person with the ball runs over and hands it to the official every time. Failure to do so means laps for the entire offense. This was mentioned in a couple of...
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    Per ESPN Patriots sign TE Seferian-Jenkins

    ESPN is reporting that Austin Seferian-Jenkins has signed a one year deal with the Patriots.
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    4/5 - 4/8 Match Thread

    A lot of jogging and half-assed runs from Arsenal.
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    2019 NFL News & Transactions

    Gurley with arthritis diagnosis
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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    While reading the thread I was flashing back to the movie Charlie Wilson's War. aside: What is the over/under on SOSH names showing up on this list? 2?
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    ESPN reporting Thomas to be released today
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    Bob Costas leaves NBC

    Outside the Lines article on Costas getting frozen out of NBC duties due to his stance on the NFL concussion situation.
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    SB53: We Need Links Thread!

    Postgame all access 360 degree you can move the viewpoint by swiping
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    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    A short essay at by Chris Wesseling. "The Patriots are the defining performance artists of their era. In football, as in life, he who creates the most pure moments wins."
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    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    Fun little hype video from Colly C
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    SB53: Choose Your Own Adventure

    Pats up 21-0 at half. Pats drive 80 yards and score again. Suh loses his shit and punches ref. Pats go on to win and Suh never plays in the NFL again.