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  1. findguapo

    Pedroia Predictions

    Yep, I think they need him to be playing 2B 5 days a week if he is going to be on the MLB roster. Including tonight, he has been on the roster for 7 games, and played 2B 3 times. That is not going to cut it. He shouldn't be DHing unless he starts hitting a lot better.
  2. findguapo

    4/15- Day baseball; too early to be clever

    That is a different Christian Vazquez - our guy has been in the Red Sox system his whole career.
  3. findguapo

    4/15- Day baseball; too early to be clever

    Vazquez at 2B, Pearce LF
  4. findguapo

    Pedroia Predictions

    I will take the over on expectations, whatever that may be. I saw him playing very up close in a minor league game on the backfields toward the end of spring training, and he made what I would describe as an old signature Pedroia diving play, popped up, and threw the guy out at first. He ran...
  5. findguapo

    2019 Opening Day roster

    I went out to the minor league fields last week when the Red Sox were away at the Tigers. Pedroia played 4 or 5 innings, had at least 3 at bats, and looked completely normal to me. He made a vintage diving Pedroia play in the hole, jumping up and throwing the guy out. From what I saw, I am...
  6. findguapo

    Harper to Phillies for 13 years, 330M, no opt-outs

    saw on twitter: When Bryce Harper gets his final paycheck from the Phillies in 2031, Bobby Bonilla will still be four years away from his final paycheck from the Mets.
  7. findguapo

    2019 2-23 Red Sox v. MFY at Fenway South 1:05

    No - I think the hard thrower he was advertising is Brian Ellington - hopefully he closes the game
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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    I think they should take the last few Super Bowl titles away from them. Brady should also be suspended for at least the first 8 games next year.
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    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    Kraft is not even the oldest guy on the list - gotta give credit to Dan Young, getting rub n tugs at 84 years old
  10. findguapo

    Levangie saw Machado stealing signs

    In college, with a runner on 2nd, the signs frequently corresponded with the # of outs + a number. If we were doing plus 2, and their was 1 out, then the 3rd sign would be the pitch call. That was a pretty basic one, there were a lot of other variations as well, such as knee/chest touches, etc.
  11. findguapo

    Levangie saw Machado stealing signs

    Yes, sounds to me like Machado did an excellent job for his team - If Puig knew a fastball was coming, Machado gets a lot of credit. Red Sox should have mixed the signs up immediately if they knew Machado had them.
  12. findguapo

    BOS bullpen 2018

    Has Cora provided any plan on what he will do with Eovaldi? It seems clear to me that he will not be a starter in the playoffs. With less than 2 weeks left in the season, I would really like to see Eovaldi pitch the 7th or 8th in a tight game a couple times, and work back to back days at least...
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    The Magic Number

  14. findguapo

    Roku TV

    I have it and love it. I would not buy anything else. If you are used to a roku box, it is basically that, but simpler. If you have cable or antenna tv, you can basically add it as sort of a roku channel so you can select it when the TV loads.
  15. findguapo

    Who is pitching Saturday night?

    I would guess we will see Velasquez start with Pom first out of the pen.
  16. findguapo

    Kinsler to DL, Tony Renda called up

    Yes - moving the DH to the field eliminates the DH spot in the lineup, so it is a non-starter