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  1. CreightonGubanich

    Celtics in 18-19

    Good grief. I'm kind of out on the whole Kyrie Experience, there's a small, irrational part of me that hopes he doesn't re-sign in Boston, and I'm not sure he can be the best player on a championship team (though I do think he can be the primary offensive option). But this ret-conning of...
  2. CreightonGubanich

    Worst Parent Stories

    You're right based on the rule book, but the confusion comes because it's not called that way in practice. Most refs at all levels of soccer will call a hand ball if the player's arm is out away from his/her side, especially if it results in an advantage for their team.
  3. CreightonGubanich

    Rank the league's top stars by how much you hate their game

    Yes, Kidd was great. But his best work was on the fast break. He was still a great passer, but I think LeBron is on another level, especially in the half court. LeBron does it all - runs the break, passes incisively out of the post, makes the right pass two steps ahead of defensive rotations in...
  4. CreightonGubanich

    Rank the league's top stars by how much you hate their game

    I actually think the travelling thing is overblown. If you slow down the replays and watch these guys, most of the time it's not a travel. Giannis just covers so much damn ground it's hard to believe he can do what he does and not be travelling. Harden is interesting - he's taking the same...
  5. CreightonGubanich

    Rank the league's top stars by how much you hate their game

    I'm a little surprised about the lack of love for LeBron's game. I get that he whines a lot to the refs, and that's annoying to watch. I also think his game now is tougher on the eyes - he defends the worst offensive player on the floor, and takes possessions off on the offensive end. His...
  6. CreightonGubanich

    Rank the league's top stars by how much you hate their game

    I want to revisit the ranking here later, but just a thought on Russell Westbrook. I kinda love his game. Not the rational part of me that likes efficiency and wants to see players calibrate their game to be most conducive to actually winning basketball games, but the part of me that thinks...
  7. CreightonGubanich

    Celtics in 18-19

    The team looks great at the moment, obviously, and the changes that Brad made to the starting lineup are the right ones, for now. But, at some point, a team with championship aspirations has to figure out how to play with more than 3 of their 5 best players on the court at the same time...
  8. CreightonGubanich

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    The biggest component that was ignored by the author is personnel. Last season Brady's primary weapons were Gronk and Brandon Cooks; this year it's been Edelman and James White. Cooks is gone and Gronk has been a shell of himself. Of course he's going to be throwing shorter passes. It's...
  9. CreightonGubanich

    Celtics in 18-19

    Long term, Hayward coming off the bench is not best for the Celtics. It may be while he finds his rhythm and works his way through the minutes restriction. But his playmaking on the floor with Kyrie for as many minutes as possible is how this team achieves its ceiling. The way he's playing...
  10. CreightonGubanich

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    The most unintentionally hilarious part of the interview was the picture of Tom watching Bledsoe and wondering "Drew, why'd you throw it there?"
  11. CreightonGubanich

    Celtics in 18-19

    One of the most fascinating lineup-related questions for me is how often Marcus Smart is on the floor at the end of close games. He's been a fixture there for years. Now, I think there's five guys on the team better than Smart - Kyrie, Brown, Tatum, Hayward and Horford, which is what I expect to...
  12. CreightonGubanich

    Celtics in 18-19

    I disagree, I think Hayward's going to have the ball in his hands a ton. He's the key that unlocks Kyrie's potential as an off-ball scorer. Obviously, Kyrie will have the ball a lot, but they get to use him in so many more, unpredictable ways when there's a secondary creator on the floor. And...
  13. CreightonGubanich

    Celtics vs. the Lebronaires

    I'm curious to see the C's starting lineup for Game 1. I don't think you can start Baynes if the Cavs are going to go with Love at the 5, as expected. The biggest problem with starting Ojeleye is that it gives the Cavs somewhere to hide Kyle Korver on defense; the Celtics are going to have to...
  14. CreightonGubanich

    Celtics Draft Jayson Tatum at #3

    It's also how he gets his points. Jayson Tatum this year and Jae Crowder last season have pretty similar numbers, although Tatum is clearly more efficient. But Crowder got his points off spot up jumpers, one-dribble pull-ups against closeouts, and the occasional foray to the basket when he had...
  15. CreightonGubanich

    Who is the first Red Sox First Baseman you can remember?

    Mo Vaughn. I remember a few years ago, the Sox were playing at Fenway on Jackie Robinson day. NESN showed a view of the infield from the right field camera, and upon seeing a Sox player (Napoli, probably) at first base wearing number 42, I immediately thought - there's Mo Vaughn! Weird, because...
  16. CreightonGubanich

    The 2017/2018 Boston Celtics Regular season thread

    It's a testament to both Kyrie's growth as a player and the situation that Brad has put him in. Milwaukee was trapping Kyrie up high on every pick last night, and Kyrie, for the most part, just made the right basketball play. There was one play in particular where they trapped him, he gave the...
  17. CreightonGubanich

    Jaylen Brown - underrated?

    It seems like every game, Jaylen Brown does two or three things that I didn't think he was capable of doing. Last night, in particular, it was that fourth-quarter 20-foot stepback jumper off the dribble over Dirk Nowitzki. Often, it's a crafty finish around the rim where he elects to finish with...
  18. CreightonGubanich

    Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics for IT, Crowder, Zizic, BKN 1st, 2020 2nd

    I agree, and moreover, I think you've hit on one of the key reasons many believe that Kyrie can evolve into a top-15 player, if he hasn't been one already. It's not just the Brad Stevens magic pixie dust, it's that: (1) Kyrie has been, overall, a very efficient offensive player while taking...
  19. CreightonGubanich

    Eastern Conference Finals

    Sure, there will be times where they have no choice but to switch. But last night's switching of the pick and roll was by design, to prevent open looks for the screener and surrounding shooters. You could see it over and over again. They've got to do a better job fighting around, or even ducking...