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    Yankees Spring Training News & Notes

    Clint Frazier to miss a few days after being diagnosed with a concussion. Bryan Hoch‏Verified account @BryanHoch Clint Frazier sustained a concussion on that catch against the Pirates in Bradenton, Aaron Boone said. “I would say it will be a few days, but I’m also pretty optimistic.”
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    Gary Sanchez Is Clobbering Baseballs

    Another bomb today in the 1st. Impressive art was he was way out in front of it and still put it in the upper deck 420ft! I try to control my enthusiasm after the debuts of Kevin Mass Shelly Duncan and the highly touted Hensley Bam Bam. Its getting real hard not to be excited about this 23 year...
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    Castro traded to NYY

    I like this deal a lot for the Yankees Warren was a nice piece but Cashman has been great at finding bullpen arms. Castro had a lot of hype out of the gate and then regressed some. I do not think the change of position is the main factor for his strong final 2 months in the regular season his...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Brady will appeal and it may* drop 1 or 2 games. To the point most of the first 2 pages are asking for law suits. Brady is in an Arod HR bonus situation, if he sues which Ill take bets he will not. He will open himself to questioning under oath and to having his cell/email records he's been...
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    Phelps and Prado to the Marlins

    Yes that was what Darling was implying that he could learn from Tanaka. Cafardo also had a column either today or yesterday where Salty said he thinks Eovaldi has not even scratched the surface of what he can do. He also said Eovaldi had developed a new pitch towards the end of last season he...
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    Phelps and Prado to the Marlins

    On MLB Network discussing the trade. I believe it was Ron Darling that said Eovaldi was developing a splitter. The Yankees feel they have the best Splitter in MLB with Tanaka and that could be the missing swing and miss pitch for Eovaldi. Guess we will see in a couple of months.
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    Phelps and Prado to the Marlins

    I liked the flexibility Prado gave the Yankees but the Yankees got 2 live arms in the deal and 200 inning 24 year olds are hard to come by, and Jones will do well with the short porch. Question is are the Yankees really committing to a rookie at second base or does this mean they think or know...
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    Derek Jeter: Countdown to Retirement

    Went mostly un-noticed but Jeter became just the 17th player in history to score 1800 runs added 1801 today. Also witht the 2 hits today hes now just 18 behind Ripken for 13th all time.
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    Derek Jeter: Countdown to Retirement

    The Captain continues to be on fire at the plate. August .417/.467/.488/.955 3 for 6 today his 12th multi-hit game in August now hitting .299/.359/.388/.747 on the season. Hes been so hot even his year to date numbers look good now. Slits show improvement even against right handers and...