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  1. Imbricus

    1/6 at Wizards

    7 p.m. start. Bring a quick and merciless end to their one-game winning streak. Wallop the Wizards!
  2. Imbricus

    1/4 at Bulls

    Okay, I'll start the game thread. Bash the Bulls!
  3. Imbricus

    Mr. Chemistry

    Mr. Chemistry, wasting no time endearing himself to his new teammates:
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    Summer League: Bring it on!

    This should be an especially fun summer league season. First game is two days after July 4. Langford may not be playing because of his hand injury. But with Tacko, Grant, Carsen, Tremont and Time Lord lighting it up, we should get plenty of fireworks. 76ers on July 6 at 5:30 p.m. EST (ESPN)...
  5. Imbricus

    Baseball Prospectus List of Top 10 Red Sox Prospects

    This just came out today, it appears. No big surprises near the top of the list. Travis seems low. Coverage is here, and includes a roundup (at bottom) of averages based on prospect lists released so far. Jason Groome Michael Chavis Bryan Mata Tanner Houck Josh Ockimey Michael Shawaryn Cole...
  6. Imbricus

    Theis Theis Baby ... Boston's Best German Import in 2017?

    This article came out on Hardwood Houdini today on Theis as the Celtics' "forgotten rookie," so I thought it might be worth starting a Theis thread. Among other comments on him: Watching him for a few games at the beginning of the season, I was dismayed to see NBA players blowing by him -- he...
  7. Imbricus

    Jaylen Brown's Development

    Jaylen's turning out to be somewhat inconsistent, and it'll be interesting to see how that develops, with another year or two of maturity. Some games, he's pretty dominant, and others he seems more like a footnote. I think the game gets into his head more than it does with Tatum.
  8. Imbricus

    Boston's Bad Bench Shooting -- How Much of a Thing Is It?

    I thought this deserved a thread, because I crunched some numbers. Obviously, the bad bench shooting is a thing over the last six games -- I have them at 47/182 for that stretch on field goals (or 25.8%), which is pretty bad. However, in the first 11 games this year they were 121/309 (39.2%)...
  9. Imbricus

    NBA Grants Celtics $8.4 Million Disabled Player Exception

    I thought this deserved its own thread (I know it's been discussed in the Hayward injury thread), as the NBA apparently just granted the Celtics the DPE for the Gordon Hayward injury, according to sources. Here's an article already up about who they might want to target. No surprise getting the...
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    Marcus Morris criminal case

    Sports Illustrated on the fly in the ointment with Marcus Morris. The trial is scheduled for Aug. 21:
  11. Imbricus

    A statistical analysis: Who were the best rookies?

    I thought this might be of interest, as we’re in the doldrums between the Celtics playoff elimination and the draft. I crunched the per 36 minute data in 10 categories to try to figure out, statistically, who were the best rookies among those drafted in 2016. My sample consisted of 14 players...
  12. Imbricus

    Red Sox Power Outage

    I didn't see a thread that this observation fit into, so I figured I'd start a new one. Out of curiosity this morning, trying to figure out why this year's Red Sox have been so meh so far, I looked up some MLB team stats. At first I was curious where they stood in batting average; I thought...