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  1. Cesar Crespo

    Putting the C in 'Arsen

    Carsen Edwards shot under 40% in college 2 of his 3 years. I'm guessing the list of players with sub 40% FG% with successful NBA careers is close to nil, especially when that player is 5'11. I don't think he's long for the NBA.
  2. Cesar Crespo

    Down on the Farm, 2019 edition

    We have the daily threads but this is more for discussion about what the prospects are doing over the course of the year. We all know about Michael Chavis but a few other farmhands are off to great starts as well. Given the SSS, this list is going to be short on pitchers atm. Josh Ockimey...
  3. Cesar Crespo

    The way too early 2017 redraft thread

    This is shaping up to be an interesting class. Going in, the class was supposed to be incredibly deep but lacking that franchise talent, but Fultz was close. The class is living up to the deep billing, but Fultz is looking more and more like a bust. 1. Tatum- Goes without saying. His shot...
  4. Cesar Crespo

    Post-Mortem ALDS Discussion

    With a mediocre staff and great bullpen, you'd always be playing catch up and if it's in the playoffs, good luck. We saw it play out this year in games 1 and 4. I'd rather have great starters and a terrible pen, especially when you can use those starters as relievers come playoff time.
  5. Cesar Crespo

    Minor League Progress Report

    Figured this thread could be used to track which prospects are doing well or not during the season. I'll focus on a few of the players doing well, and will stick to hitters who are at least somewhat age appropriate for their league this time around. I will be very optimistic, so read it with...
  6. Cesar Crespo

    The other Marcus

    I've noticed Morris take a lot of heat on this board and I'm curious as to why. He's kinda like Jae Crowder, cheap contract and solid play. His rebounding rate is at a career high and his shot selection looks more like it did in Phoenix than Detroit. Morris is a really solid bench player...
  7. Cesar Crespo

    The 2017/2018 Boston Celtics Regular season thread

    Figured it deserves its own thread like last year. The Hayward injury obviously sucks but outside of that, the play of our youngsters has been encouraging in a very small sample size.
  8. Cesar Crespo

    2017 Awards

    Who do people have winning the MVP, ROY, and Cy Young awards for 2017? AL MVP should go to Altuve with Judge having an outside change. NL MVP is a complete toss up if they won't vote for Stanton. If they won't vote for a player on a losing team, Paul Goldschmidt, Anthony Rendon, Kris Bryant...
  9. Cesar Crespo

    Sox call up Smith, Designate Martin.

    I didn't see this anywhere else. Apologies if already being talked about elsewhere.
  10. Cesar Crespo

    SP Bryan Mata

    DOB: 5/3/99 Maracay, Venezuela 6'3 160lbs, Throws Right, Bats Right Acquired as IFA in January 2016. Signed for $25,000. In a year the Sox were limited on the IFA signings due to going over in previous years. it looks like Bryan Mata may end up being a pretty big haul. He has already shot up...
  11. Cesar Crespo

    OF Tyler Hill

    Tyler Hill 3/4/96, Wilmington, DE. 6'0 195, B/T R/R. 19th round pick out of HS in 2014 After not playing much in his first 2 seasons, Tyler Hill posted a .332/.400/.487 line in 261 PA last year with a respectable 24bb/41k. He was also 11/22 stealing and had 23 xbh. He's limited to LF because...
  12. Cesar Crespo

    Andrew Benintendi

    After a torrid start, Benintendi is hitting .081/.217/.108 in his last 46 PA stretching out over 10 games. That includes at least an 0-26 slump. The good news is he has 6bb/8k so he isn't hacking. His BAbip during that stretch is .097. Just a slump or something to be concerned about? He's now...
  13. Cesar Crespo

    2016 3rd Round Pick SP Shaun Anderson

    DOB 10/29/94 Coral Springs, FL 6'4 225lbs, B/T R/R. Drafted in 3rd round out of Florida by the Boston Redsox. Anderson has your typical pitchers built and is quite athletic. He has a clean and repeatable delivery. He works in the 90-92 range and will top out at 94. He has solid control but his...
  14. Cesar Crespo

    C Roldani Baldwin

    DOB: 3/16/1996 Puerto Plata, DR 5-11 175lbs, Bats and Throws Right. Acquired in 2013 as an IFA Baldwin has been in the sox system for quite some time and while in the past he would split time between 3b and C, he is exclusively a catcher this year. Baldwin is known for having some pop in his...
  15. Cesar Crespo

    Ae Crowder: Where is the J?

    Credit to Johnnythebone for thread title. Jae Crowder has taken some heat in the game threads and "Playoff Jae" looks like it may actually be a thing. He's had some moments in the playoffs but for the most part he's been invisible or bad. His shot hasn't been falling and when his shot isn't...
  16. Cesar Crespo

    OF Tate Matheny, 2015 4th round pick

    DOB: 2/9/94 St. Louis, MO 6'0 185lbs Throws Right Bats Right Missouri State Tate Matheny was the Redsox 4th round pick in 2015. He projects to have the arm and range to play any outfield position. He struggled out of the gate in Lowell to a tune of .181/.233/218 with a 24.4% k rate and 4.2%...
  17. Cesar Crespo

    Catcher Austin Rei: 2015 3rd round pick

    Making a few new prospect threads since a lot of the old guys were traded. If anyone wants to take over any of these, feel more than free. DOB: 10/27/93 Berkeley, CA 6'2 180lbs Throws Right, Bat Rights College: Washington Austin Rei was the Redsox 3rd round pick in 2015 out of Washington...
  18. Cesar Crespo

    Is Zizic a better prospect than Yabusele?

    Why are people convinced Zizic will get more minutes than Yabusele? Or is even the better prospect? Is it people just discount a lot of what he did because LOL China basketball? I've been convinced since they brought Yabusele over this year to play in the D league that they have big plans for...
  19. Cesar Crespo

    Stat question

    Going off stats alone, what would be the best indicator of a player being able to create his own shot? Is it percentage of his shots assisted, with the lower number being better? Any others?
  20. Cesar Crespo

    Travis Lakins

    DOB: 6/29/94, Franklin OH 6'1 180lbs. RHP, 6th round pick in 2015 out of Ohio State. His fastball is in the 91-93 range and shows flashes of being a plus offering. He also has a curve and change that show potential to be above average pitches. He lacks consistency and many believe his body is...