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  1. SumnerH

    Celebrating What Is

    The NFL ones look like they're made by Josten's. Which I think they might actually be. Which is inscrutable, because a) Snake from the Simpsons mocked them 25 years ago; and b) Even before that the shitty designs they have were enough to dissuade everyone I went to high school with from...
  2. SumnerH

    Greatest RHH of all time?

    It's 6 unassisted double plays, not triple plays. He played very shallow and could sometimes run in for the second putout himself. discusses some.
  3. SumnerH

    Greatest RHH of all time?

    Guys like Feller and Newhouser were probably throwing 95+ with regularity in the 1940s (it's tough to know for sure, but later analyses of the motorcycle stunt and the chronograph both have Feller in the 98-99 range). And there were guys throwing 95+ in the 50s and 60s who couldn't sniff the...
  4. SumnerH

    Yankees stop using Kate Smith version of God Bless America

    There's a timing problem there: the article claims Cree submitted his version to a veteran's magazine at some point after returning from the war in 1919. Berlin and Ruby originally wrote God Bless America for Yip, Yip Yaphank, which debuted in 1918. And independent sources confirm it was...
  5. SumnerH

    Pedroia Predictions

    They got rid of the Veteran’s Committee in favor of 3 era committees almost a decade ago, and split those into the current 4-committee era setup in 2016.
  6. SumnerH

    Four strikeouts in an inning

    It's a bit over 6.5% of baseball history by those numbers.
  7. SumnerH

    Porzingis accused of rape in New York

    Don't a lot of people who tear an ACL not even know it for a long time afterward?
  8. SumnerH

    3/28 - Sale Day + Opening Day

    The NCAA tracks brackets across many different online sites; there's still currently one perfect one left, which is the latest in the tournament they've ever seen that.
  9. SumnerH

    3/28 - Sale Day + Opening Day

    Good point.
  10. SumnerH

    3/28 - Sale Day + Opening Day

    Nuñez isn't very scary at the plate.
  11. SumnerH

    Zion train is coming our way

    Seriously. People who could be all-timers in the long run, but are currently still maturing and reaching for their potential and eventually “may very well turn out to be better players over the long haul” are kind of the definition of “boys” in this context, no?
  12. SumnerH

    Rank the league's top stars by how much you hate their game

    At least he doesn't use misogynist insults.
  13. SumnerH

    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    As mentioned above, they're the group formerly known as Morality in Media; they're a religious group that wants to ban all even vaguely adult content—they've gone after educational providers of periodical searches because they indexed articles in Men's Health that discuss sexual health, and...
  14. SumnerH

    2019 NFL Rule Changes

    I guess at least it's known ahead of time so you can plan 4th quarter endgame strategy with that in mind? Seems like pretty thin gruel to me.
  15. SumnerH

    Celebrating What Is

    The Hebridean Game?
  16. SumnerH

    Google Chrome

    Be aware that this update fucks up the new tab/home page; instead of page thumbnails, you just get favicons with no URLs attached that can be pretty inscrutable on a lot of pages. Still worth it for the security reasons, but it's impressive how broken that is UI-wise.
  17. SumnerH

    It's not your WIFI's Windows 10

    Wiring in to print from my phone isn't really even possible, and from the laptop it's a pain in the ass. And I definitely don't want multiple printers cluttering up the place; the one I do have is tucked away in a closet for noise and aesthetic reasons. Of course, I don't use Windows either.
  18. SumnerH

    Tom Brady: Support and Bankability

    That's one common usage, but there is no universally accepted definition of either term. For instance, the Hispanic Society of America encompasses Portuguese as well as Spanish cultures. Governmentally it's not standardized either (e.g. US DOT and the Small Business Administration include...