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  1. Buffalo Head

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    Pedro is on MLB Tonight and he broke down and cried talking about David. It was hard to watch. Pedro said he was headed directly to Boston once the show ends.
  2. Buffalo Head

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    Let's hope it was just the leg, no arteries, and he just walks it off.
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    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    Apologies for the random thread bump, but as a recent San Diego transplant (2015), we watch pretty much every Padres game on TV that we're not actually at, and Don has been fantastic this season. He's really hitting his stride with the team now relevant for the first time since he's been here...
  4. Buffalo Head

    Fan Safety

    As for a person playing literal defense for the crowd, that would be potentially great for the people sitting in the seats at the very end of each row, but that's it. How would that help the person six seats in? Four seats in? No person would have the reaction time/reach to cover anyone outside...
  5. Buffalo Head

    NBC Sports Boston parts ways with Evan Drellich, will no longer have dedicated Sox beat

    I'm pretty sure he worked mainly for their website, where their news content lives.
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    Thanks Kinsler, have fun in CA.

    I was hoping the Padres would figure out a way to bring back Galvis, he was terrific for them last season, but someone should be throwing more than $8 million at him at some point.
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    Thanks Kinsler, have fun in CA.

    I'm trying to understand the rationale for the Padres. They do have two extremely high-upside middle infielders in Tatis and Urias who will be with the team for much if not all of 2019, so maybe he's going to be a glorified mentor for them, but as an actual player, yeesh.
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    Red Sox groundskeeper and his PTSD service dog

    I was hoping the Brewers would get in, so we'd have Drago vs. Hank, and everyone wins.
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    It is. Started watching it there yesterday.
  10. Buffalo Head

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Thanks Doug. I've found that's kind of their default setting for inquiries. I should probably note that we don't have any issues with Netflix, Hulu, FoxSportsGo, etc. Its only PSVue that does it.
  11. Buffalo Head

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    So we started PSVue with Chromecast a couple months ago, and after a great start we are experiencing some recurring problems that are making me re-think it. The main issue is that almost anytime we try to watch a show live at its start time, or within two or three minutes after the start time...
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    30 for 30

    The saga on and off-field that was the 1978 Yankees is a great sports story. Not at all surprising to get this kind of treatment on a major anniversary.
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    Celtics vs. the Lebronaires

    You have to think if the Celtics hit them with a big run in the first half Saturday, the Cavs will mentally check out the rest of that game and not even bother to show up Monday.
  14. Buffalo Head

    Kirk and Callahan: Annoying Little Pissants

    The documentary essentially accuses the two of them of being responsible for the suicide because they discussed/joked about is sexuality on the air two days prior.
  15. Buffalo Head

    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    Mayock called the Seattle-New Orleans "BeastQuake" playoff game in 2010 and he was terrific. I figured for sure he'd be a regular Sunday game analyst by now.
  16. Buffalo Head

    Olympic Curling: Now With 150% of the Fun!

    Trenni Kusnierek, the Neil Armstrong of interviewers with U.S. curling gold medal winners
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    Big Papi Needs a Job

    2013 World Series MVP, 2004 ALCS MVP, 541 home runs ... and has now put a diaper on a monkey and given a baby jaguar a bath.
  18. Buffalo Head

    Big Papi Needs a Job

    Last week, he was absolutely petrified that he was going to screw up painting a woman's nails.
  19. Buffalo Head

    Big Papi Needs a Job

    If you're not watching this, you're missing out. He tried out as a dog groomer and expressed a German Shepherd's anal glands tonight. It was hysterical. It's a fun show. It actually debuted last week. So far, he's tried playing percussion at Berklee School of Music, a manicurist, a Fenway tour...