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  1. jtn46

    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    Good god, why even bother having baserunners.
  2. jtn46

    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    Just leave 2 runners on every inning.
  3. jtn46

    4/20 @ the Trop

    We must have had some kind of goofy shift on for that to be a triple
  4. jtn46

    4/16 at MFY- I will lead you

    That's so terrible
  5. jtn46

    Recommend me a laptop, v2018

    Just a heads up that announced at CES Nvidia’s RTX chips are hitting laptops on January 29th, so if shopping for a powerful laptop, wait until then. Latest and greatest will be RTX, which will he pricey, but laptops with current generation GTX figure to be cheaper.
  6. jtn46

    Neverett Out at WEEI

    You guys have much stronger opinions on this than I do. I think Neverett was fine, and because I hear many different broadcasts on Sirius they could do a lot worse (Sterling and Waldman are probably the worst team in baseball, though Tom Hamilton in Cleveland is probably the worst individually...
  7. jtn46

    2018-19 Offseason News, Rumors, Trades

    I thought there was some good logic to it for the Mets when it was rumored the Mariners were paying half of Cano’s deal. After all spinning Diaz at the deadline for more than they gave up should be simple if he’s healthy. I don’t get it with only $20 million, as this likely hamstrings the Mets...
  8. jtn46

    Yankees acquire James Paxton for Justus Sheffield and two lower prospects

    I just think it creates this idea that he is better than he actually is. Paxton is 30, we know what he is now, Mariners fans have spent his entire career fantasizing about a pitcher he isn’t so overrate his value in the trade market.
  9. jtn46

    Yankees acquire James Paxton for Justus Sheffield and two lower prospects

    This is fair value. Strip away that Paxton throws 100 and strikes out a lot of batters and he is a good pitcher with durability issues. Seattle fans are still seeing his potential as a Cy Young caliber pitcher but he will likely never put together that season. M’s could have gambled on him...
  10. jtn46

    Yankees acquire James Paxton for Justus Sheffield and two lower prospects

    Yeah I fixed it, maybe was thinking of a regular season game where they torched him.
  11. jtn46

    Yankees acquire James Paxton for Justus Sheffield and two lower prospects

    Don’t totally get this, Yankees must have been very down on Sheffield. I think he will likely have 2 years with the Mariners as valuable as the 2 years the Yankees have of Paxton. Even as a GFIN move Paxton is tricky because they roll the dice that he is healthy in October. I think a Cleveland...
  12. jtn46

    Levangie saw Machado stealing signs

    I am just surprised changing the signs requires a mound visit. Can’t the bench just signal to Vazquez to switch? I think it’s wonderful part of the game personally. Against the Astros at one point Vazquez stood up with Barnes pitching having called a curveball because he wanted the Astros...
  13. jtn46

    NESN - Is That All There Is?

    I worked for YES for a few years and the truth is the ratings for most things that weren't a Yankee game (or pre/postgame) weren't great. The Mike and the Mad Dog simulcast basically broke even as far as what it cost versus what it made and that's why it was always sort of tenuous whether it...
  14. jtn46

    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    I don’t see why the Mets would want a package centered around Devers (or Andujar). If they think they can compete in the next 2 seasons, they should keep DeGrom and if they are wrong, they can trade him for a great package next year or in 2020. If they don’t think they can compete they should...
  15. jtn46

    We're halfway through the season

    I think the somewhat nasty negotiation made it a bit hard to like JDM at first and we’re conditioned to see big-ticket FA’s fail. He has been simply awesome both as a player and as a teammate. Maybe the power outage last year would have passed regardless of if JDM signed or not, but the offense...
  16. jtn46

    Jalen Beeks to start on Thursday, Alex Cora said

    He was clearly amped up and couldn’t locate his fastball, so I wouldn’t read very much into the results. If he’s with the big league club again this year or next year after the expected demotion after the spot start, I think he could get a lot from Price as he has a similar fastball-cutter...
  17. jtn46

    Potential Trade Deadline Targets

    I would think Blake Treinen is very available given he’s a 29-year old reliever in his first arb year and Billy Beane’s not so secret strategy to sell high on relievers. Making $2 million, so fits the budget. Not a huge need but would fit where Carson Smith was supposed to. He is having a great...
  18. jtn46

    Hanley DFA'd (5/25 Update)

    Also consider that the Red Sox barely acknowledged that Max Scherzer existed that offseason only to give Price a similar deal a year later. This is the right move for dozens of reasons, and the Sox handled it very well. Giving up Swihart when he covers the OF and catcher, considering Bradley...
  19. jtn46

    Alex Cora's first season

    My minor gripe would be with Hembree coming into a tie game in the 7th when Kelly was available given he was brought in to clean up Hembree’s mess. Cora was likely thinking Hembree could handle the bottom of the Yankee lineup or maybe Barnes is not trusted in the 8th and Kelly was the intended...