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  1. HriniakPosterChild

    New Site = New App?

    Do you not have this checkbox?
  2. HriniakPosterChild

    So, the site's been down only for me, for close to 2 days?

    Hit refresh a few times. That either fixes it for awhile, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, go away and try again later,
  3. HriniakPosterChild

    Steven Wright suspended 80 games for PEDs

    Cuzittt misses his third “t.”
  4. HriniakPosterChild

    Keuchel to Braves

  5. HriniakPosterChild

    Resistance is Futile: iTunes to be Assimilated by Apple Music

    Do you run iTunes on a Mac? If not, nothing changes. Do you ever use playlists in your car? If so, you might find your car won’t see them if your iPod goes away.
  6. HriniakPosterChild

    Can we talk? Giving up the Landline phone

    Suppose you get a battery backup for the Comcast box in your home. How does that help you when there is a power failure at Comcast's headend? I have a generator in my house, but I lose Comcast Internet when I lose power. Nomorobo will still let every spam caller ring your phone ONCE. It...
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    I’d like to nominate this as the new V&N tagline.
  8. HriniakPosterChild

    May 11 Seattle at Fenway Part 2

    For some reason, the audio went to the ROOT guys in Bellevue instead of Simms and Blowers at Fenway.
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    May 8 in O's Town - "Rubber" game

    You can sum it up in one word: you never know.
  10. HriniakPosterChild

    May 8 in O's Town - "Rubber" game

    There are already two out. Two out and RISP, there’s probably a hitter instead.
  11. HriniakPosterChild

    May 8 in O's Town - "Rubber" game

    Pedro did it in the first 9 pitches of a game against Seattle.
  12. HriniakPosterChild

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Whatever they did, there’s nothing need for a new TV if you have a spare HDMI port (which it seems you do). You can get an inexpensive Roku ($30) or Amazon TV Fire ($40) stick and run the app on that.
  13. HriniakPosterChild

    Child Lock on iPhones

    “No.” My 12 year old so will stick his hand out toward Mrs. HPC and she will put her phone in it, which I find appalling, but she has reached the age where free will has kicked in, so I know what I have to say about it—nothing. The kid knows what the answer will be if he asks me. (See above.)
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    Wifi and Router Issues

    Your question is a good one, and if you are seeing poor,performance on your phone, making a change to your computer doesn’t seem likely to help.
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    College Football Playoff Game Thread - ND/Clem & Bama/Okla

    “Imagine there’s no dragons / it’s easy if you try.”
  16. HriniakPosterChild

    College Football Playoff Game Thread - ND/Clem & Bama/Okla

    But he needs an avatar, don’t you think?
  17. HriniakPosterChild

    World Series film on MLB.

    Is your company publicly traded? Some of us might want to short their stock.