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  1. Schnerres

    New and Improved: The 2019 Draft Contest!

    0/20 on the Pats. 2 Chiefs, 1 Cardinal, 2 Bengals (3?), 1 Buccaneer, 2 Jets, 1 Panther, 2 Packers, 1 Falcon, 1 Redskin, 1/2 undrafted FA, 1 Brown, 1 Raider, 1 Jaguar, 1 Bill, 1 Cowboy. Clueless...
  2. Schnerres

    New and Improved: The 2019 Draft Contest!

    I have chosen several players from various Mock drafts. I have no idea who they are, if they fit the Pats way or if they have more than 10 fingers. I never heard the name of any of the guys, besides Will Grier. Welcome, guys! :redwine: Allegretti, Nick, C, Illinois Allen, Zach, DE, Boston...
  3. Schnerres

    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    Texans (3) over Colts (6) Ravens (4) over Chargers (5) Bears (3) over Eagles (6) Seahawks(5) over Cowboys (4) Divisional Round Texans (3) over Patriots (2) Chiefs (1) over Ravens (4) Bears (3) over Rams (2) Seahawks (5) over Saints (1) Conference Championships Texans (3) over Chiefs (1)...
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    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    The Thes
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    Drew vs Tom vs Time

    It´s hypothetical, but: If Brees plays in an open stadium for his entire career, does he have better career outdoor numbers? Like: Does the difference from playing home/road games indoor and then going outdoor is bigger and then disrupts him more? And if he played in an outdoor stadium for an...
  6. Schnerres

    Liverpool 2018-19: Alisson, I Know Lovren is Killing You

    So does this mean Allison(1) + Cillesen(2) with Karius + Mignolet going out? Or just one of the two coming in?
  7. Schnerres

    WORLD CUP FINALS: France vs. Croatia

    Hahaha, everybody is soaking wet. Edit: You gotta respect how they hug everybody, that was nice. Imagine Trump, Merkel or May.
  8. Schnerres

    WORLD CUP FINALS: France vs. Croatia

    Infantino + Putin getting an umbrella and Macron + Grabar-Kitarovic(the Croat president) standing in the rain. Classic FIFA bullshit.
  9. Schnerres

    WORLD CUP FINALS: France vs. Croatia

    Gotta wonder where Niko Kalinic is hiding today...
  10. Schnerres

    Tottenham 2018/19: Transfers? Who needs transfers?

    If i cared about Tottenham, i would worry about the short summer for all those guys still playing...
  11. Schnerres

    2018 NBA offseason thread

    The only thing missing for Carmelo is a ring, right? there a chance that he is a) able and b) smart enough to join the Warriors?
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    Every attacking player wants to pass the freekick quick, so the defense isn´t settled (defense is making those fouls, so they can rearrange). So the defender making a "tactical" foul and then stepping back to let the offense do a quick free-kick would miss the point of the foul. Of course the...
  13. Schnerres

    Liverpool 2018-19: Alisson, I Know Lovren is Killing You

    I read that van Dijk is on a 170k (or 180k) wage/week. And the number definitely never says something like 400k per week or 20mil pounds per season. Of course clubs calculate everything over the length of the contract (=75mil+~9mil.*6=~130mil.pounds over 6 years). But there´s no number in the...
  14. Schnerres

    Liverpool 2018-19: Alisson, I Know Lovren is Killing You

    What about the signing on bonus? He went there for free. If Juve pays him that, so be it, why count it on his wage? That´s like having players´ transfer sums count into their wages, which nobody does.
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    And England losing 0-1 to Sweden...
  16. Schnerres

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    German reports have Bernd Leno (just missed out the WC roster as the 4th keeper) from Bayer Leverkusen going to Arsenal tomorrow. The clause in his contract is for 25mil.€. I don´t think he´s the best keeper, I don´t know how he will react to getting bumped more often on crosses in the Premier...
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    Shave Girouds beard and he´s Pat Cash...
  18. Schnerres

    Liverpool 2018-19: Alisson, I Know Lovren is Killing You

    Some clubs (=my hometown club did this last year) delay transfers after the season is over. I think it´s 1st of July, when the accounting counts towards the new season. So if Lyon says "we made our business in 17/18", they could delay the transfer towards the new season, so they will have better...
  19. Schnerres

    Tipping Comp?

    We will play the tipping game. You can play some other board game.
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    2018 Summer Transfer Extravaganza

    Thomas Delaney(26) from Werder to Dortmund. -went from FC Copenhagen to Werder in January 17 for 2mil.€ -his dream was the Premier League -when Dortmund was calling, he didn´t have to think about it: Top10 team, Top2 in the Bundesliga, the best arena, so he went for it -transfer sum: 20mil.€...