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  1. slamminsammya

    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    I think he has a low ceiling. As we saw with Lebron his skillset is best used when the offense is running through him, but he doesn't score enough to be in charge of the ball for a top offense. Its a weird combination, similar to Rondo I would say. For all the lovely looking assists those...
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    So, the site's been down only for me, for close to 2 days?

    It appears since the site got revamped I can't be logged in on both my laptop and the app. Is that WAD?
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    Old guys playing in different eras

    I think this take comes from a genuine place but is not at all correct. What a "fundamental" skill even is evolves with the game. I know we've had this discussion many times in this subforum but watch the ballhandling in the 80s and try to tell me with a straight face that today's players are...
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Technically yes but its never called that way.
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    The argument is hes not a good passer because he's not as good as the best passing big man ever? He makes obvious passes? If they are so obvious why do so many bigs fail to rack up assists?
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    I thought the RPM wonkiness is strongest for players with fewer previous minutes since the ridge regression depends on a prior which is more of a guess for less experienced players. Or is that BPM?
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Also don't the taxes depend on where you olay the game in a given week?
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    Celtics on-off numbers

    If Tatum made more of those long 2s he probably wouldnt shoot so many, since at a certain point defenses would be more aggressive about not conceding those shots.
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    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    Explain please the relevance of business team building research about self absorbed people to a league dominated in the past by the likes of: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James.
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    A similar data set? Like 8 seasons of data?
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    5/3 Bucks at Celtics Game 3

    The horford thing!
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    4/30 #2.2.2 @ MIL

    They look good!
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    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    This thread is mostly gushing about Butler, which I love, but the interesting debate is which is the second best play. As others have mentioned, there is no real argument for any play over the Butler pick.
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    Flowers Springs to Detroit

    They'd have had bad leverage since it wouldve left them with no cap space.
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    2/21 - @ Bucks

    Good play staying in it
  16. slamminsammya

    2/21 - @ Bucks

    Rozier with the rub route on snell on the Jaylen fast break