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    2024 Draft Binkies

    Malachi Corley. I thought it was cliche for a team needing explosiveness, but I haven’t seen his name mentioned yet. His highlight tape is unreal. Potentially a better Deebo Samuel — can outrun coverage and break through tackles. View:
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    What do you want Pats to do with #3?

    Your argument is (intentionally?) ignoring statistical reasoning. They could be more likely than any/all of the players you mentioned and still not reach that level. It’s not an either/or. Also is the hit rate for tackles that much higher? Does Alt have a 90% chance of being top-5? How do you...
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    The opposite of that took mere seconds to manifest
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    2023 Draft Fits

    Mike Reiss made an interesting observation today: the team seems to regard Gesicki as more of a receiver. Perhaps this suggests they’re more likely to draft a TE. We are one of the few teams with the power running game to suit Darnell Washington’s unique skills. I’d love to see him drafted in...
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    Week 4 Game Thread

    Am I the only one who likes those lines?
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    Seeking Info: Old Red Fan Forum Message Boards Circa 2001-2006 Time Frames

    @scotian1 did you once moderate at a different Red Sox forum back in those days under the name ScotianSox? edit: if memory serves me right, you used the same Scotian1 username. Completely forgot the name of the board though.
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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    It certainly seems that they like Nixon in special teams as a returner. If that continues, he’ll have a roster spot. What’s the argument to trade Agholor instead of Bourne? Just salary? Bourne seems to have the more redundant skills and seems to be having a worse camp.
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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    I guess that’s ultimately the question. My sense is that he’s having a strong camp and might find the end of a roster somewhere — similar to when we lost Berrios in 2019.
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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    How many receivers would you break camp with? I agree with @Jungleland’s post above that it’s a maximum of 6 if you include Montgomery. That presumably leaves out Nixon, who won’t reach the practice squad. So, while your statement seems correct in theory, it’s not useful advice for a team with...
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    Mocking you in 2022

    I realize the probability of this is close to zero, but who are some of the players who the Pats could conceivably trade UP for in the first round? The player who jumps out for me is Ikem Ekwonu if he somehow falls outside the top 10 (perhaps possible if a couple of teams trade into the top 10...
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    Bluetooth Speakers

    You said take them on vacations. In that case, I suggest the Eton Rukus Solar-powered speakers. I have them, and they're incredible -- especially for someone like me who frequents areas off the power grid.  ...
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    Bard DFA

    Eric Van resurfaced on the ESPN board to discuss this: Thank goodness SOSH doesn't require a Facebook log in