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  1. BigRed07

    Autry's Army - 2023-24 SU Hoops

    Georgia Tech was a killer loss coming off UNC, shocked (pleasantly) that they recovered from that.
  2. BigRed07

    Tres Boeheims: the 2021 Syracuse Basketball Thread

    I’ve been mostly a lurker here since ~2004 when Pete Thamel told me about this site in the Post Standard newsroom - flash forward 18 years and it’s pretty funny as a current JMA Wireless employee to see worlds collide like this.
  3. BigRed07

    EPL Week 3 Game Thread: City-Stoke and Some Other Games

    I love that Williamson almost ruined that because he was busy celebrating what he thought would be a goal...
  4. BigRed07

    Yanks Abroad 2014-15

    Is he not even viable in MLS anymore? He never seemed terrible - though obviously way over-hyped - so what's his deal? People usually seem to cite work ethic and entitlement, is it really that simple? I was never really a fan but getting rejected by Bob Bradley in Norway seems almost pitiful at...
  5. BigRed07

    Yanks Abroad 2014-15

    What are your thoughts on Boyd's move? Is 2.Bundesliga better than the Austrian top flight, maybe sort of a wash? I was a little surprised as I had been hoping that he could have been picked up by a bottom-of-the-table or newly promoted Bundesliga team, though I guess in that situation he'd see...
  6. BigRed07

    2013-2014 Syracuse Basketball: Same Zone, New Conference

    Wow, very soft call on that fifth foul on Parker, I thought.
  7. BigRed07

    2013-2014 Syracuse Basketball: Same Zone, New Conference

    A Duke team that shoots a ton of 3s....shocking. Parker is a monster, though.
  8. BigRed07

    Newcastle United 2013-2014: Judge Us On Our Signings

  9. BigRed07

    Yanks Abroad 2013-14: On The Road Again

    No offense meant, of course, TB. As you say, YA has just lost a little focus it seems, though I think Sciaretta is doing good work. On another note, some interesting bits in this interview with Timmy Chandler (I assume in English given the...uh...interesting grammar)...
  10. BigRed07

    Yanks Abroad 2013-14: On The Road Again

    TB, I keep meaning to heap praise for all of the work you do to keep us up to date on Yanks Abroad. At this point your work is, in my view, more streamlined and more helpful than the actual yanksabroad website. So thanks for that. What is everyone's take on where Jozy ends up this summer? I...