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  1. Plantiers Wart

    Roasted GOAT

    Nikki Glazer. Anthony Jeselnick.
  2. Plantiers Wart

    NCAA Men's Final Four Thread

    Samson Johnson will be a better pro than Edey
  3. Plantiers Wart

    NCAA Men's Final Four Thread

    Really winging it there
  4. Plantiers Wart

    NCAA Men's Final Four Thread

    It’s not just Samson who can run on Edey. Clingan is no slouch getting up and down the court.
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    Is It Over Now? Chiefs/Niners SB Thread

    0 -0 gonna hit 2nd straight quarter?
  6. Plantiers Wart

    2023 Cowboys: Kellen Moore out as OC, McCarthy stuck in 1996

    So many penalties. But that was a really hard hitting game on both sides. Take that win and run.
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    Liverpool 23-24: The Long Klopp Goodbye Robertson out for "months" after dislocated shoulder against Spain in Euro qualifier.
  8. Plantiers Wart

    Liverpool 23-24: The Long Klopp Goodbye

    Well, MLB did something similar when umps got a call wrong....The infamous Pine Tar game,18. "MacPhail ruled that the Brett home run shouldn’t have been nullified by Rule 3.02, saying that while...
  9. Plantiers Wart

    Patriots Quarterback situation moving forward

    It's a tough decision for young Sanders. He puts off the second contract, sure, but to stay? Colorado will only get better next year. He has a chance to be QB1 next year and pull an Eli and pick his destination and situation. He gets to play for his dad, with his brother, and a full year...
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    Brooks Robinson has passed away

    Brooks was my first favorite player. Back in 2nd grade, we had to write a letter to someone asking for an autograph. I wrote Brooks. He sent a signed photo back. My older sister, as usual tormenting me, took the photo and in front of me dropped it between the bathroom vanity and the wall...
  11. Plantiers Wart

    Tom Brady is retired

    The pole vaulter is married to Rickie Fowler, the pro golfer.
  12. Plantiers Wart

    The Perfect Patriots Team

    No love for Terry Glenn?
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    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    8 out of 9 - Thought for sure had 200 hits a few times for Dodgers. Nope.
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    Peter Gammons' Tweeterverse

    Berman was a loud mouth, huge drinker, but generous. The “cmon leather, you’re with me”story is absolutely true. TJ was kind of a dick. Cheap. Joe Theisman was so fucking full of himself it was insane. Most self love I think I’ve ever witnessed in a person. Bill Clement, the hockey guy...
  15. Plantiers Wart

    Peter Gammons' Tweeterverse

    Back in the early 90's, I tended bar at a place in CT that ESPN talent frequented. Peter would come in and eat at the bar a couple nights a week. He would talk baseball with anyone, but I preferred the place to be dead so I could monopolize his time. What a great writer, but a better person.
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    Immaculate Grid: Show Off Your Useless Baseball Depth Knowledge!

    For some reason, I ignored the fact that the Nats used to be the Expos and missed the Cubs combo
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    2023 PGA Tour

    Could only card a 62. Hacker.
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    SoSH Golf, 2023

    Congrats Belli. I thought boys golf was moved to the fall a year or two ago?
  19. Plantiers Wart

    2023 US Open - Los Angeles Country Club

    Bing Crosby was a neighbor and desperately wanted to join. They do not accept entertainers as members. Crosby's house was razed by Aaron Spelling, who built his monstrosity of a home there just off the 14th fairway. I think it's roughly the size of the LACC clubhouse.