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  1. mascho

    2020 Playoffs: SoSH Predictions

    I have no idea what I'm doing. NE over TEN BUF over HOU NO over MIN PHI over SEA NE over KC BAL over BUF GB over NO SF over PHI BAL over NE SF over BAL BAL over SF 31-20 MVP Lamar
  2. mascho

    AUCTION ITEM: Guest on an Episode of Locked On Patriots

    Ever wanted to be a podcast guest, come on a show and talk about basically whatever you wanted to? Auctioning off a spot on an upcoming episode of Locked On Patriots. Sure, we should probably talk about the Patriots at some point, but anyone who's ever listened to the show probably knows that I...
  3. mascho

    2019 Looking at Potential Future QBs

    Thorson video up over at the ITP Youtube page now. I'll be updating with these throughout the offseason/summer. I've got a list of about 39 QBs to work my way through this summer. Some other names I'll list in here to keep an eye on: Daniel Jones, Duke (I like what I've seen so far but really...
  4. mascho

    Danny Etling R7 #219 QB LSU

    This piece basically has my scouting notes on him from the past two seasons:
  5. mascho

    Isaiah Wynn R1 #23 OT Georgia

    I just asked Ledyard this question and his response: offensive line Mark. anywhere. I think he's a better technician than Nelson even tbh, just lacks the elite traits and Nelson is still damn good technician Better technician than Nelson is pretty high praise. I'm a huge fan of this pick...
  6. mascho

    Sony Michel R1 #31 RB Georgia

    Was on with Waldman and Bloom tonight for the back half of the first round, and Waldman in particular though this pick basically wasn't fair for New England. You're getting a three-down back in Michel who can contribute in two facets of the passing game, both as a receiver and as a blocker. Very...
  7. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    Yeah, when you add Bradford in it bumps things up, as Bradford accounted for 11.72% of their cap space, putting them over the average.
  8. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    I've got something coming out in the next day or so over at Pro Football Weekly on this, and why we might see six first round QBs this year. The economics are such that teams can take the risk on a rookie QB because if they play well, they're cost-controlled and you can be aggressive addressing...
  9. mascho

    Ask Draft Experts Your Questions

    Hello friends. Schematially I think the fit could work with Lamar in New England. He's running a watered-down version of New England's offense right now. Bobby Petrino's offense is rooted in Erhardt-Perkins concepts, and the playbook is filled with lots of route combinations that are similar to...
  10. mascho

    Who are Your Favorites/Binkies 2018 NFL Draft Edition?

    Hopping on with Ledyard and Sikkema in a bit to make the Pats' pick at 23 in their ongoing series for Locked On NFL Draft. Here's the current board. You've got about 20 minutes to talk me out of Williams at 23 in this situation.
  11. mascho

    Who are Your Favorites/Binkies 2018 NFL Draft Edition?

    Insert eyeballs emoji here. Also put Chad Kanoff into that mix. Been hearing more and more rumblings about him over the past few weeks. There's a reason for it. As far as other QBs, I'd put Logan Woodside into that mix. Although I might have a type and he could be my 2018 Brad Kaaya... As...
  12. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    Going into Mobile arm strength was something I was looking to evaluate in person, because it looked sufficient for FCS play but I wasn't sure he could function against better competition. He answered that question. His arm is good enough to run an NFL offense, particularly New England's. IMO...
  13. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    Accuracy Intelligence Processing Speed IMO those are the top three generally, and with respect to what NE values in a QB, and what they need to run their offense. Once you get past the big five (Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Mayfield and Jackson) I think the guys in the next bucket with those traits...
  14. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    Also (and I hate to be that guy promoting his own stuff but it’s on topic) I’m doing a podcast series for WGR Radio in Buffalo about the draft QBs. It has a Bills’ focus but we break down QBs, usually with a pretty good guest. It’s called Intentional Scouting and we’ve got four episodes up...
  15. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    Lauletta had a great week. And the fact he jumped about 100 spots on Matt Miller’s latest big board speaks to that...
  16. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    Here's a quick little Senior Bowl recap on the QBs posted after a fun time down in Mobile... Also, saw some of the Darnold chatter. As an extremely inebriated NFL insider told me down in Mobile...
  17. mascho

    2018 Draft: Patriots and QBs

    There was a bat signal of sorts pointed into the sky and it drew me in here.... I think the approach laid out by MMS above makes a certain deal of sense. If there's a guy they like in the first or second, just grab him. Issue becomes whether they want to expend the draft capital to get up into...
  18. mascho

    ITP/Locked On Patriots Live from the Senior Bowl

    Hello friends... So for the third-straight year, myself and other members of the ITP crew will be down in Mobile for the Senior Bowl. While in years past my focus has been solely on the QBs down there, now that I'm hosting Locked On Patriots well, I'll be doing some Patriots-related scouting as...
  19. mascho

    That was then: Celebrating what was

    Took some time today to catch up on this thread. It's a good one.
  20. mascho

    ITP Draft Guide: Available for Pre-order Now

    Looking from left to right: Joe Ferriola Ethan Young (@NFLDrafter) Sal Conti ( @SC2Football) Jon Ledyard ( @LedyardNFLDraft) Sean Cottrell ( @PhllyDraft) Brandon Thorn ( @VeteranScout) Dan Hatman ( @Dan_Hatman) Shane Alexander ( @Alexander1Great) Some jackass who thinks he knows QBs Michael...