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  1. hitatater

    Week 11

    Update updated, walking like it's unstable-knee bad...
  2. hitatater

    Katie Nolan: somebody should make a thread about her

    "Dan Soder: somebody should make a thread about him." AMD GET THE HECK OUT OF MY KATIE NOLAN THREAD. /driveby posting off/
  3. hitatater

    Week 4 Game Thread

    More kickoff returns in Buf-Mia than I've seen all year, what gives?
  4. hitatater

    Week 12 Gamethread

    And now I see the grey unis.... Seems like this:
  5. hitatater

    Week 12 Gamethread

    halftime show?? what??
  6. hitatater

    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round game thread

    So close, but Eli is easily the most overrated Manning. Won 2 SB on the strength of 2-3 great passes. And an uncalled in-the-grasp. A "Great" QB only because his team beat a truly great QB twice. Mediocre in every other game in his life...
  7. hitatater

    2020 Tompa Bay: Season-long Game Thread

    TB sneak, but what about coming to 'set' first???
  8. hitatater

    2020 Tompa Bay: Season-long Game Thread

    that call follows Brady to TB!!!!
  9. hitatater

    2020 WC Weekend Game Thread

    Wait, how is he down by contact? Contact seemed to come after the knee and actually caused the fumble?
  10. hitatater

    West Finals: Sharks vs. Blues

    Sharks down 2-0, get a shorty , kill off the rest of the penalty, and then score another to tie it up. Playoff hockey!!
  11. hitatater

    Game 2 - Bruins v. Canes

    Marchy gets away with a high stick to the neck, linesman calls the retaliation by Williams, Marchy points him to the box. he's a douche, but he's our douche...
  12. hitatater

    Game 5 - Bruins v. CBJ

    great hockey in this period! puck possession, creative passes in the O zone, quick closing on D.
  13. hitatater

    Game 5 - Bruins v. CBJ

    I guess I'm OK with the extra pass approach tonight.... sweet connections!
  14. hitatater

    Round 2: Columbus Blue Jackets

    Not worth the $10 but I'm betting lingering thumb issues with some nerve damage/weirdness. Last night's puck handling looked like he couldn't feel for the puck on his stick. Not a doctor, but I did just have Achilles surgery and the nerve block results in nerve weirdness weeks out from the surgery.
  15. hitatater

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    Acckk! "if you look into his eyes, you see he's not tense, not tight..." Did we just go Jeter Calm Eyes on Brady? Yup. We did that.
  16. hitatater

    2018 Belichick Breakdowns

    Talk about classic BB deadpan: After the Gordon TD reception, Zolac and BB are chatting about other players coming down to congratulate Gordon and BB lets loose with a sotto-voice, "yeah, get the party started..."
  17. hitatater

    2018 Belichick Breakdowns

    Even better than the rants, BB is absolutely silent on all the scoring plays: it's like he has nothing to say because scoring is the expected result! He's a coach and has no rah-rah in him...
  18. hitatater

    Game 7- Rake and Burn the Leafs

    And I would like to thank my bartender Steve at Big Dog here in Maine. I was so wound up for this game, I got to the bar, got through 2 (maybe 3) Buck Brown Ales and a nice steak-and-cheese, went to check the thickness of my wallet, and realized it was still home on the desk... My man floated...
  19. hitatater

    Game 6: Nancies not permitted in Taranna RIP yiayia

    Chara saw 5-hole, I saw Chara see 5-hole. But still nothing...