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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    With fred being gone for a week or so, I had almost forgotten how the show with fred has to be all about fred. Good thing I guess since that’s the only topic he actually knows anything about
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    2023-2024 General NBA Season Thread

    Did Reggie say that Zion was 6’ 3 ´´?
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    3/30 - The Road Trip: Game 3

    Cora may be one of the worst tactical managers in major league baseball
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    I understand the Detroit and Atlanta references, based on Fred’s history, don’t really understand why he grumbles about Boston local lesser sports. But if we have to go far afield , I’d like to hear some stories about his time in the Florida Keys. That’s kind of a unique place and not much of a...
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    If Fred is a sports guy of any kind, which he hasn’t really shown me, he’s not a Boston sports guy
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    3/28/24 - Opening Day 2024 - Red Sox at Mariners

    Didn’t even need grissom
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    3/14 - Suns @ Cs

    Out-fen the fenixes
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    2023-2024 General NBA Season Thread

    Grayson Allen has unleashed himself in DBooker’s injured absence: 26 points in the first half against Toronto tonight so far. 8 for 12 from 3
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    2023-24 Celtics

    I can remember arriving early for a Suns/Celtics game in Phoenix in the late 80´s and Bird and McHale were out on the floor fooling around haphazardly guarding each other’s shot. That little one on one morphed into a mini three point shot competition. Kevin matched Larry for about 5 shots at the...
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    With Hardy out this week, the one guy that’s dominating the airtime is insufferable. One more penis reference to Kendra…..
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    rich and fred seem to have wound up like an unhappy married couple, no longer able to handle each other’s negative traits. But we are getting a pretty one-sided picture of this version of their break-up. Unfortunately, the resultant current version of the show is overwhelmed by fred’s...
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    We're onto Beetle and Zolak: The Midday Thread

    A tall fat guy with a perpetually sore throat and a runny nose, is my guess
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    Would it surprise you all if senor Shartz is someone we know?
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    Toucher and Hardy: The new 98.5 morning show

    Agrée. Although I’ve found Fred insufferable for the last year. He used to balance it out with extreme humor. Now it’s mostly cringeworthy. I wonder when Hardy realizes he’s made a mistake ?
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    12/23 Snip the Clips

    Killed that 3 too. On his first shot as a Celtic
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    RIP Toucher and Rich Show ... It was fun while it lasted

    i’m an older Massachusetts transplant living in Arizona who happened on 98.7 and T and R several years ago through Internet radio. T and R reminded me of my ute living in mass and listening first to Bob and Ray from NY radio and then in DC listening to a similar comedy-based morning show on...
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    General Offseason Thread.

    Booker played at least 12-20 minutes at point in a number of games over the last two years during Paul’s absences. I expect him to assume a larger role in this regard. He turns the ball over a fair amount and has a hard time guarding quicker point guards on defense. If he doesn’t work out, he’ll...