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    Spurs 23/24: I'm Loving Big Ange Instead

    Maddison and VDV out until 2024
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    Interpersonal player battles/bullying

    Well, I guess that helps a bit. But if it was my kid, I would 1. talk to my son about not playing soccer anymore this season or switching teams to make sure he was on board with whatever happens 2. go to the meeting and tell them the problem hasn't been resolved so we need to move my son to...
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    Interpersonal player battles/bullying

    Leave the team. If your son is not having any fun, the coach has no assistant help and by extension your son is not getting any goalie specific training, and you have addressed the problem and nothing is getting done, why is he there? I have had kids on club teams that couldn't find a goalie...
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    Member or lurker?

    Quality, not quantity
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    Member or lurker?

    Pay us another $49, and maybe we will tell you
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    Pats Re-sign Cam Newton to a 1-Year Deal

    I am pretty sure Bill will do what he feels is best for the football team. I can see him sticking with the veteran if he judges them to be equal. And I can see him sitting Jones for seasoning/experience purposes. But if Jones shows himself to be the better QB in Bill’s view, he would make the...
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    ESPN Is Pathetic

    So..... do I have to buy all the products they advertise? What crime is that when I don't buy the advertised products?
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    Pats Roster Planning: Offense

    Or only draft them in the 7th or ah...... 8th round?
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    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    I coach a Boy's HS summer league team in MA. The day these guidelines came out we had a game. The ref mistakenly required all the players to wear masks during that game. So the players all wore masks during the game. They weren't happy about it, but they managed without any real difficulties. I...
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    If the tweet is no longer there Brady can't be generally aware
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    BB to Butler: Get a Clue

    I can't imagine they are so voluntary that you can come and go as you please....."No thanks coach, I have had enough for today. See you tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday." He wasn't there when he said he would be, so they went without him.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    This was one thought I had as well, but I quickly put it out of my mind. Nothing that has happened in this mess has made any sense to me, so I doubt it will start to now. I would be less surprised if Goodell said they are basing the suspension on the amount the NFL paid for the investigation.
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    What is Peter's take on the NFL official swapping/selling the game balls? As long as the Charity thinks they are getting the real deal it is ok, right?
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    Malcolm Butler vs. Dave Roberts

    Butler - and I don't think it is close. If Dave Roberts stole home to win game 7 of the World Series when we were out of position players and a pitcher was batting, then I would go with Roberts. I think it is the best play in Boston sports history. Havlicek/Bird steals are close but it wasn't...