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  1. Dummy Hoy

    Round 1 rest of the east

    That's pretty wild. Great stats
  2. Dummy Hoy

    Round 1 Bruins-Leafs

  3. Dummy Hoy

    Round 1, Game 2 -- Toronto @ Boston

    Practice for club hockey parity play-ins for the fall here...ugh
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    I'm back baby! The 2023-24 EFL Championship

    QPR with a huge win today as well. Wednesday with a must win at Blackburn tomorrow morning at 7:30. A win pulls us out of the relegation spots and allows us to control our own destiny. Annual Owls Americas meet-up takes place NEXT weekend in Halifax nice to have some hop going into the...
  5. Dummy Hoy

    2024 FA Cup

    I mean, I’m back at the point of supporting the European Super Cup. Let’s get the big selfish clubs out of their FAs and let everyone else enjoy football as it’s been enjoyed for 150 years. It’s a community game, despite some clubs thinking they need to be bigger than that.
  6. Dummy Hoy

    2024 FA Cup

    Looks like the decision has been made to scrap replays at the FA Cup. fucking awful, tho I suspect most people here will not be bothered
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    2023-24 NHL News Thread

    Really good summary for people who may not understand
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    I'm back baby! The 2023-24 EFL Championship

    And both fucking Leeds and Leicester lose to relegation candidates to start the weekend. I fucking hate football
  9. Dummy Hoy

    4-9-24 B’ v Hurrilames 7PM EDT

    The team that outplayed us that whole game? Yes.
  10. Dummy Hoy

    4-9-24 B’ v Hurrilames 7PM EDT

    This is my big negative from the game (that and how far the gap looked between us and the Canes). Getting that WC2 would make getting out of the first round drastically easier and they really could have used at least a point. Shocking no-show at home against a top team, but it was just one of...
  11. Dummy Hoy

    4-9-24 B’ v Hurrilames 7PM EDT

    This game sucks. Carolina is very good though...I can see the Bruins winning a 7 game series against anyone else in the East but Carolina seems a step too much.
  12. Dummy Hoy

    4/2 - 8pm eastern- Bruins @ Predators

    That was gross. What a pair of studs those guys are
  13. Dummy Hoy

    George Will's Baseball Quiz - Spring 2024

    33. Good questions. edit: There were some guesses I hit on, and a few misses I probably should have gotten, but I loved that there were a few questions you had to work through and consider, and that was fun, especially when they hit
  14. Dummy Hoy

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    Pretty sure it was two of the highest point totals to ever not make the playoffs
  15. Dummy Hoy

    Let’s Talk Pasta

    Both of my kids have Pastrnak jerseys and my son wears 88 with his club team (I told him not to...he's quite good but not a sniper. He couldn't be dissuaded) and I'm frankly stunned it was available.
  16. Dummy Hoy

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    Scott Wheeler at the Athletic, who is always a little low on Bruins prospects (correctly notes the prefer floor over ceiling), has them at 30th this year but notes that Poitras not being a prospect anymore causes them to drop a few spots. He includes Lohrei as a prospect (#2).
  17. Dummy Hoy

    USMNT Fall 2023 - Spring 2024: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

    Especially given their injury/suspension situation I don't think Jamaica plays that one any differently regardless of the early goal. They countered pretty well a couple of times anyway and maybe should have had a second. I also love Greggg doing little to change tactics but then throwing...
  18. Dummy Hoy

    23-24 Bruins Season Thread

    I mean, I could easily suggest they're in first because they don't lose games under normal NHL non-gimmick rules, which they will play under when it counts. I don't think they're the best team in the league and I don't have any major quibble with the teams listed ahead of them, but I am tired...
  19. Dummy Hoy

    2023-24 NHL News Thread

    Looks like Chris Simon passed away at the age of 52. No details yet as far as I could tell but that’s far too young.