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    What do you want Pats to do with #3?

    in sport and particularly the QB position its tough to use AI. It goes a lot past college stats. The human condition is near impossible for any data model to figure out. Bouncing back from a bad run of play. Poise in the pocket, ability to read and audible. You can do thinks like speed, arm...
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    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    Pivetta and Houck are very frustrating. They seem to have as good stuff in ways as any ace but lack consistency and some nuance. On certain days they do pitch like an ace, in Houcks case the first two times through the lineup. I keep thinking they will put it togehter but am starting to give up now
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    Patriots' 2024 Free Agency Thread

    I would overpay on Ridley. Whether he is here or productive when we become a playoff team again doesnt matter. A rookie QB will need a decent receiver on the field to learn with and from. Someone to keep moving the chains keeping him on the field. You have to give the rookie pieces to learn...
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    2024 Red Sox Spring Training

    I think he has the frustration most of us have. He was probably sold on competing for championships and the reality seems to be a cost first team that will be nowhere near the WS this year
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    Offseason rumors

    Title should be changed to Blasphemous Rumors thread
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    Theo’s back????!!!!

    I dont think anybody is saying they are giving him the ownnership role to appease the fans. He was coming in anyway but lets make up this baseball advisor role while he is. They were very quick to state it temporary.
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    Theo’s back????!!!!

    Most of here one can assume are just baseball fans. Whether Theo gets some executive job overlooking all the FSG projects is of little concern to Boston Red Sox fans He would get a job no problem as a baseball executive/ Almost every club would hire him but that is not the job he is getting...
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    Theo’s back????!!!!

    Most of us dont care about Theo's journey. Stinks to me of coporate PR to appease the masses. He was getting the upper job anyway but lets make a pretend role in the company to keep the proletariat happy. CEO's of multinationals are always doing these smoke and mirror operations to let on...
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    Theo’s back????!!!!

    Cant imagine Theo would want to stand over this shit show of baseball operations unless he knew there was an actual plan. Maybe he just got fed enough money to stand over anything
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    Offseason rumors

    Even though its not a thing in baseball we might as well just tank for draft picks Its the only ogg thing that might come out of the season. Stock up the farm system for a run in two years. Sell anything on major league roster not named Casas or Bello. Prtty poor state of affairs
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    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    I feel BB was his own assasin and the weapons he comitted suicide with were Tyquan Thornton and N'Keal Harry
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    Let's Lay Off That Throttle

    Typical American CEO work bullshit. We all know the team will suck this year. No question yet upper management have to pretend otherwise
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    Offseason rumors

    We look like going from the optimism of a new year, clean sweep through the org to more of the same
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    Where Do You Want Bill to End Up?

    Atlanta would be a great landing spot. Pick 9 would probably get Penix Jr. Good start with lots of talent there
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    The GM Search?

    BB the GM seemed to have a need to be smarter than everyone else and loved the left field picks. If any of us armed with ESPN or SI mock draft picked the consensus best WR availalbe when Harry and Thornton were picked we would be looking at Deebo Samuel and George Pickens. This was the biggest...
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    Hopefully without Bill the GM we just go for consensus highest value offensive players. Ok with MHJ if two quarterbacks go 1 and 2. We have plenty of holes and wont be competeing for a while. Just get best players available on offensive side of field for the first 3 or 4 rounds. Build up the...
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    What does Red Sox starting pitching look like in 2024?

    I am pretty certain we wont regret this. He is not a piece you want to be hanging your hat on. Would rather run with Pivetta, Houck and Whitlock than sign him
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    Not our Star Blazer: Yamamoto signs with the Dodgers for $325 million, 12 years

    We need something to entice other free agents to build up the talent base. Even if he is not here in the potential WS candidate years he helps build the profile in the short term for others to join the project. Things can change quicly in MLB one off season and a bit of luck and we can compete...
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    Is Mac Jones the biggest bust in Patriots history?

    Think Mac with better talent around him would be just poor to mediocre which is far from all time bust. N'Keal woudl be up there
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    Red Sox sign Cooper Criswell for 1 year, 1 million

    Yeah a good move for depth. Think the furstration is that for years Bloom only upgraded around the fringes and Breslow has started off in a similar fashion. I would imagine bigger moves are to come but the natives are getting restless