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  1. Sox Puppet

    Red Sox, Ceddanne Rafaela agree to contract extension

    Well, we've definitely all seen a lot of swings from him, since he swings at everything. I'm kind of with @MikeM on this one, but I would be glad to be proven wrong and for Rafaela to bring his bat up to par with his incredible defense.
  2. Sox Puppet

    Somewhere, Brian Cashman is Furiously Kicking His Own Ass: Whitlock Edition

    If the Dick Fitts, you must not quit?
  3. Sox Puppet

    2023-24 Celtics

    Those highlights were a thing of beauty. The only thing that would've made them better was someone karate chopping Draymond in the face.
  4. Sox Puppet

    Offseason rumors

    Restraint is all well and good, but then what's the point of paying 2/$38.5M for Lucas Giolito and his 4.88 ERA/5.27 FIP? I get that he's an innings-eater, but that's small consolation when the innings being eaten are barely above replacement level. For that level of production, I'd rather...
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    Offseason rumors

    I say we go all in. Jettison Trevor Story and Connor Wong and let's see if we can assemble the worst fielding team in history.
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    2023-24 Celtics

    Seriously, I've been following SGA's ascension in daily box scores, but watching him over the course of an entire game ... he's fantastic.
  7. Sox Puppet

    Year Two Yoshida

    YMMV, I guess, but if $18M is the going rate for 0.6 WAR these days, then the economics of baseball really are broken. And on the subject of redundancy, how about getting exactly the same 0.6 WAR from a late-promoted minor league outfielder in 495 fewer plate appearances?
  8. Sox Puppet

    Offseason rumors

    Worst case: repeating the Yoshida mistake and signing yet another mediocre/redundant OF (Teoscar) for $18M per, money that could be spent on a pitcher Best case: giving up on the Houck as starter experiment, putting him in as closer (or 8th inning guy, with Martin as closer), and getting...
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    Offseason rumors

    Maybe a little off-topic, but Mookie Betts will be the Dodgers' everyday 2B next season.
  10. Sox Puppet

    Justin Turner declines option (11.03.23 update)

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but the elephant in the room is that we really don't need Yoshida on this roster and probably would've been better off without him. His good-not-great offense and bad defense mean that we've got four more years committed to a DH-in-waiting, when Turner is...
  11. Sox Puppet

    9/5 - I despise Tropicana

    Valdez using his error-making powers on the opponent
  12. Sox Puppet

    9/5 - I despise Tropicana

    The Valdez experience on full display tonight
  13. Sox Puppet

    9/5 - I despise Tropicana

    Fastballs down the middle are the new market inefficiency
  14. Sox Puppet

    9/5 - I despise Tropicana

    Fun fact, in the Renaissance, a "jakes" was a toilet. So your comment was very apropos.
  15. Sox Puppet

    Producing Relief Pitchers

    A bit tangential, but The Athletic just posted an article about Ryan Brasier and how the Dodgers were able to turn him around pretty quickly by teaching him a cutter. FWIW, Brasier himself also says the two weeks of rest he got after his release allowed him to reset and recharge, but that he...
  16. Sox Puppet

    6/13 - Rox @ Sox

    What percentage of Yoshida ABs result in a weak ground ball to second?
  17. Sox Puppet

    5/10: Drop the Chop

    Gee, I wonder what's going to happen here?
  18. Sox Puppet

    4/25- Glory Days?

    Which is least surprising: 1. Arroyo straining something 2. Ort melting down 3. Valdez not being able to catch a ball
  19. Sox Puppet

    4/19 The Twins are still in town

    Results-wise, I'm starting to worry that Casas is just Bobby D with more walks.
  20. Sox Puppet

    4/19 The Twins are still in town

    So Paxton got destroyed in his rehab start? This is going well.