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  1. JohnnyK

    Week 17

    Maybe the plan was to hard count to see if Dallas would jump, which they did, so they snapped it. If Dallas had not jumped they take the delay of game and kick the extra point
  2. JohnnyK

    Week 15

    Purdy is insanely good
  3. JohnnyK

    Week 11

    Scott Hanson just said that the Dolphins have had nine posessions and have scored 17 point. They have not punted in the game
  4. JohnnyK

    Patriots in Frankfurt

    I finally got my tickets yesterday, so we'll be driving up to Frankfurt today. I can't wait.
  5. JohnnyK

    Patriots in Frankfurt that's the link to the app on the Google play store that I installed, so this might indeed be a separate one for international customers.
  6. JohnnyK

    Patriots in Frankfurt

    At least on Android there is no separate app for different countries; you select your country before logging in.
  7. JohnnyK

    Patriots in Frankfurt

    I appreciate the offer, but the whole weekend is already astretch for me healthwise, so I will probably just hang out with my friend and relax, I'm sure you guys understand. But here is the rub: I currently cannot access my Ticketmaster account. I already tried resetting my password multiple...
  8. JohnnyK

    Week 5: Saints at Pats

  9. JohnnyK

    Drafting a QB

    Great stuff! is that really the same?
  10. JohnnyK

    NFL: News and transactions

  11. JohnnyK

    Week 3 Gamethread

  12. JohnnyK

    Week 1 vs. Eagles: A New Beginning
  13. JohnnyK

    2023 Week 1 NFL Gamethread

  14. JohnnyK

    Week 1 vs. Eagles: A New Beginning

  15. JohnnyK

    Week 1 vs. Eagles: A New Beginning

  16. JohnnyK

    2023 Week 1 NFL Gamethread

    FG Saints instead of TD Titans = 9 pts
  17. JohnnyK

    YouTube announces Sunday Ticket Pricing

    I am in Austria so my Gamepass was also migrated to DAZN. I don't currently have an active DAZN subscription, but Gamepass functions independently, so I'm actually thinking you could just continue that way. If you migrate your account you can try if it works with the VPN until August 31. If it...
  18. JohnnyK

    Patriots in Frankfurt

    unfortunately it looks like Leipzig are the first team to run out of money: (article in German) They needed about 550k Euros they could not secure in time, so now the...
  19. JohnnyK

    Patriots in Frankfurt

    Yeah, for the online ticket sales. You were given a code in advance to join a waiting room, and then spots in the queue were assigned at random to everyone in that waiting room at the start of the sale. So if I had needed normal tickets I would've been SOL.