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    If you were a ballplayer...

    This is a great question and brought back a lot of memories I hadn’t thought about in years. Only difference was good range and inaccurate arm (I started as a shortstop but after a couple years went to second because of the arm). Has a hitter; had a good eye, lots of walks, crowded the plate...
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    Whitey Herzog dead at 92

    Always loved his nickname...The White Rat.
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    Good Morning Football moving to Los Angeles

    NFL Network is based in LA. Wonder if there is a connection.
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    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    Obviously the team would be in a much better position at the QB position then they are now with Jackson but there are still questions about his ability as a "pocket passer" and he has shown a propensity to come up small in big games. This may change in the future but it's not like he's...
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    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    Where's the player sit-downs talking about how they felt about that. Were they not asked or did the answers end up on the cutting room floor because the didn't fit the narrative arc of the doc.
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    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    If the viewer misunderstands what the director intended/presents that's on them not the viewer. And to say they are presenting information with no point of view is disingenuous.
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    Eliot Wolf will be in charge of the personnel department,

    Yeah, Aaron Rodgers certainly fit that mold.
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    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    Agree completely with the above. However, he seems to have an incessant need for credit while deflecting any blame for things that go wrong. He's not going to take any of the credit pie from Brady so that leaves Belichick. Also deflects any blame to Belichick.
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    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    While the above is true, it wasn't just the fact the Drew was gun-shy, he had problems making quick decisions. There is a reason for the old joke that when Drew went back to pass it was "pat, pat, pat, sack". Also not sure how much Drew was responsible for changing protections, if needed, at...
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    Thoughts/Impressions on “The Dynasty” Apple TV Series

    Just my opinions: Although still abrasive, Belichick seemed a bit more laid back in his dealing with the press. Whether age or pressure, he got much more dickish later on. He and Tom were really the only ones here for the two decades and I can only imagine the pressure they must of been under...
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    Non-Pats Coaching Carousel 2024

    And the previous iteration of the team went down that route when they hired Lombardi. Would only have to cycle through a few head coaches after that to end up with the next Joe Gibbs.
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    Who is the next coach?

    True but, unlike RKK, Jonathan has no track record in picking either a coach or GM.
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    Who is the next coach?

    That was quarter century ago when Bob Kraft was in his 50's. If we think that a 72 year old coach/GM has lost a few steps why wouldn't that apply to an 82 year old owner.
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    2023 Week 1 NFL Gamethread

    It's also because the college offenses are different than the NFL and the drafted OLineman haven't spent 3-4 years in a pro system in college. I think Dante may have discussed this a few years ago. I also wonder if some of it is just QB play. If you don't have a premier quarterback your...
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    Logan Mankins, Bill Parcells, and Mike Vrabel named 2023 Patriots HOF Finalists

    If that's the case why did he complain about not being able to shop for the groceries. It was one of his stated reasons for leaving.
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    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    It's been decades now so there is quite the hagiography about Snyder's business origins/dealings but if you delve deep enough you will find that failing upwards has been a hallmark of his whole career starting in college. There was quite a bit of luck involved in addition to his acumen.
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    That was then: Celebrating what was

    I'm guessing it's lost in the ether at this point but back in the day there was quite a lengthy discussion about this in both the game thread and a post mortem thread. Can't remember were the consensus ended up.
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    NFL Playoffs - Championship Round

    Yeah the refs were blowing their whistles and he never met go. I was thinking they needed to throw a flag. Once they didn’t Williams took care of it.
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    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

    It's the hardest thing to understand. My sister has decades of experience as a nurse (cardiac, surgical, ER); on her last certification she ruptured a tendon in her thumb trying to get enough pressure.