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  1. zenax

    My Ideal Metric - TOTAL bases

    Has anyone looked at Team Win Probability (bb-ref)? It is available by players with a team under Detailed Stats when you select Batting (Pitching)/Detailed Stats/Team Win Probabilty. For example: Team Win Probability (batting -- Red Sox 2024)
  2. zenax

    Day Baseball Today, 2024 Edition

    There were five games played on Wednesday and three of the visiting teams will be playing in a different city today (one of them ending its road trip).
  3. zenax

    If you were a ballplayer...

    I threw a split-finger fastball back in the late 1950s. I had been trying to throw a forkball but couldn't get a downward break so I tried throwing it three-quarter arm and the catcher did even get his glove on it because of the break. Unfortunately, I lived ten miles from where I went to high...
  4. zenax

    Raptors' Jontay Porter banned from NBA for betting on games

    How long before gamblers start going after official scorers; game a hit an error or vice versa, call a foul, etc.?
  5. zenax

    My Ideal Metric - TOTAL bases

    Doesn't it need to be tied to league stats to be useful? Go back to a year like 1930. The NL: .303/.360/.448/.808 and AL: .288/.351//.421/.772, yet the A's beat the Cardinals 4 games to 2 in the World Series, outscoring them 21 to 12. i know, my my argument above...stuff happens, small sample...
  6. zenax

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    In 1992, SABR published volume iii of Minor League Baseball Stars and in the prologue, while talking about minor league pitchers in the 19th century, they said, "Pitchers were not pampered in the 19th century. There was no such thing as middle reliever, set-up man, or or a closer." They...
  7. zenax

    My Ideal Metric - TOTAL bases

    The question is with a new 'stat' is how well it predicts something.
  8. zenax

    Dalbec sent down to AAA (recalled to BOS on 4/12)

    According to,Kevin%20Youkilis%20at%2020%2F11. To paraphrase: On average, baseball players have visual acuity of 20/12. While some are even better, the best possible is...
  9. zenax

    4/14 Galileo's Well-Handled Balls. . .

    Apparently I am not the only one. See High Heat Stats -- The 0 for 40 Club I should also have mentioned that High Heat Stats has a user-generated Mount Rushmore per team.
  10. zenax

    4/14 Galileo's Well-Handled Balls. . .

    Dalbec is now 0 for 31 going back to the end of the 2023 season.
  11. zenax

    The Fenway Park Experience

    I find the seating at Fenway Park uncomfortable; one reason being that I've been 6'4" since I was 14. While I haven't been to a large number games there since I spent the greatest portion of my life living far from Boston, I suspect that I've been to far more major and minor league ball parks...
  12. zenax

    The Homefield disadvantage

    The Sox are hitting .164/.225/.273/.498 at home (4 games) and .248/.324/.402 on the road (games). And their relief pitcher have an overall 3.54 ERA vs. the 1.82 ERA for starters. And 8 of the 16 errors committed by the Sox so far have been in their four home games. I know, small sample size...
  13. zenax

    Grading the Umps - March/April

    I had access back in 2007 with efforts to build a system and they don't seem to have gotten very far yet.
  14. zenax

    Grading the Umps - March/April

    In other words, make the strike zone two-dimensional?
  15. zenax

    Grading the Umps - March/April

    A pitch traveling 90 mph as it approaches the front of home plate is traveling more than 40 thousand millimeters per second. How well can a person standing 2-3 feet in back of home plate estimate when the ball first enters the strike zone? And I'm not convinced it can be done perfectly on a...
  16. zenax

    MLB Mount Rushmore

    In the first game of a doubleheader at Fenway on July 8, 1918, Babe Ruth hit hit a ball over the RF fence in the bottom of the 10th with a runner on 1st in a 0-0 game and the Sox won 1-0.. The rule at the time was if the batter hit an outside the park home run when the score was tied in the...
  17. zenax

    Surprised there isn't an announcer thread...

    Must admit, I hit the mute button for a while. And the sight of Johnny Damon made me appreciate George Steinbrenner's views on ballplayers' appearance.
  18. zenax

    What Was The Red Sox Starting Lineup For Your First Home Opener in Person?

    While I never attended a Red Sox opening game, my first game at Fenway Park was during the afternoon of August 21, 1952. The Sox won 4-1 and while there were a couple of notable players in the box score, there were five Hall of Famers on the autographed ball I got from the Indians (the person...
  19. zenax

    Tanner Houck 2024

    Given that I keep seeing errors like this in the Globe, WAPO, and so on, I wonder what editors do today. It's not just things like that but I've seen things like [This media] apologizes for using the wrong name in the reported crime yesterday.
  20. zenax

    The Frailty of the Modern Pitcher

    I recall hearing about parents getting TJ for their teenage pitchers in the hope that it would increase their velocity and improve their chance of getting a high signing bonus.