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  1. BobGenghisKhan

    Celtics vs 76ers, Round 2 Discussion

    As my statistics teacher explained to me recently, 20% is not zero.
  2. BobGenghisKhan

    The Incredible Hülk Returns, 2023 F1 Season

    Setting aside popcorn for the race tomorrow, with both Max and Charles having to work their way up from the middle of the grid, and Alonso vs Checo on the front row.
  3. BobGenghisKhan

    Streaming Celtics games?

    I’ll echo that. I signed up for YT TV for the playoffs and got 2 weeks free, then 15 bucks for the first month after that. If you wanted to be super cheap after that you could probably do another intro deal if you have a second email account and a second credit card number. But the service is...
  4. BobGenghisKhan

    2019 Dolphins: Can’t Even Tank Right

    I didn’t go to math school but I’m fairly certain that winning by a field goal is not double digits
  5. BobGenghisKhan

    2019 Pats Defense: What Are We Witnessing?

    That's 375 total yards over the course of 14 drives, for an average of 27 yards per drive. That would be top-10 rate if averaged over the first 3 games of the year. and top-4 for the full league year of 2018. (Source: Football Outsiders) Putting it in that context, it was a really good...
  6. BobGenghisKhan

    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    Next year’s cap will be 12 million higher, according to over the cap
  7. BobGenghisKhan

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - Divisional Round

    In that case the number of horseshoes would be undefined.
  8. BobGenghisKhan

    The Great Coaster Debate

    This is what I thought this thread would be about. Even the prettiest coaster is an ugly reminder of a bad table.
  9. BobGenghisKhan

    SBLII: The Brady Watch

    Let's not overthink this. Wearing the gloves at the presser does not MEAN anything, apart from that they don't want to give away any additional information about the injury. This is typical BB. Tells us nothing, tells the media nothing and tells this week's opponent nothing.
  10. BobGenghisKhan

    2018 AFCCG: Jags v. Pats (Non-Brady Edition)

    Awesome. Never thought to think of it this way but it makes sense.
  11. BobGenghisKhan

    2018 AFCCG: Jags v. Pats (Non-Brady Edition)

    How do you calculate an implied over under?
  12. BobGenghisKhan

    The Game Ball Thread: Week 7 vs Falcons

    This reads to me like he's in over his head and just trying to fake his way through things. You have to wonder if Sarkisian is actually qualified to be a top-level coach or assistant.