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    Potential new NFL rules

    Seems like a PR win for the league. Fake press release/league spokesperson quote: "We proposed eliminating a play/tackling technique that our research determined was unsafe and the proposal was shot down by the players."
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    U-S-eh! The World Cup of Hockey thread

    Those players should have wondered why he wasn't on the elliptical instead of sitting around and been done with it.
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    At the game etiquette

    Wow HRB, How the pendulum has swung. 8-10 years ago, I was at an O's game, sitting right where you were. I group of twenty-somethings were hitting the beer hard. And heckling the crap out of any O's pitcher who threw in the pen. All was very loud and filled with profanity. I could not...
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    Rick Porcello is the Ace We Deserve

    But not at work.
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    Eduardo Rodriguez optioned to Triple A

    Buzzkill, I'm not sure you are reading that quote correctly. I took at as, when he focusses on tippinng in bullpen sessions, he can improve/fix it. When he gets in the heat of competition, and cannot focus only on not tipping, the old habits crop up. I think Willis is talking about different...
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    Gordie Howe has Died

    Mark's injury was horrific; huge pool of blood on the ice under him. All of us in the stands had no idea exactly what happened to him or why there was so much blood. As bad as it was, the spike did (just) miss his spinal column.
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    Gordie Howe has Died

    As a high school player near Hartford shortly after his retirement, I was lucky enough to be on the ice with Mr. Hockey when he agreed to come to our practice a couple of times. He was very humble, kind of like he thought he might not have anything to teach us. More than his height, which...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    drbretto, one of the things good advocates do is assess the best arguments for their case. When a case is on appeal, there are certain things that can be argued and certain things that cannot. Knowing these things is a huge part of an appellate lawyer's expertise. It's a big part of a of an...
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    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    One potentially huge issue with the don't-go-on-the-road-scenario is that know one knows how all the breaks from facing live pitching would affect Papi's hitting. I'm not aware of any precedent for a hitter doing it over a season, so maybe it does not affect him, but it very well might. This...
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    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney

    A far as I'm concerned, don't sweat i, you tried yo live up to your end. I did it for Harrison, the beer would have been a bonus.
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    Phenweigh, "railroading" is your opinion. Two Second Circuit judgers said it wasn't. As DDB explained, the system has pluses and minuses, but you feeling satisfied in this particular instance is not one of the goals. Nighthob, The two judges you agree with don't get the final say. The two...
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    My recollection was that Goodell was starting to crack down on the off-the-field stuff to clean up the image of the NFL players as thugs. (I think for PR, not altruistic reasons.) So, it is a different basket of conduct, but it seems to me it was the start of this trend called "Sheriff Roger."
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    You may be right that he was validating a witch hunt (I actually agree with you, but we don't really know.) The problem then is with the arbitration process. For example, not having an independent arbitrator for this type of discipline. Someone upthread mentioned that in the days of Rozelle...
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    This is an example of the underlying problem that I think a lot of folks have in understanding the decision. In your opinion (and admittedly that of many others) stickum is a better analogy than steroids. Goodell thought in his opinion that steroids was a better analogy. To a Second Circuit...
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    Out Out, Brief Panda: Pablo To Have Shoulder Surgery

    The article does not specify the type of exam that Andrews could not do but almost surely it means physical exam--range of motion and strength testing etc.
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    Post Your Favorite Johnny Most Lines Here

    I'm not much of a basketball fan, so I don't have a memory of any Most play-by-play calls, but one memory of him that I'll never forget. When the Celtics played a few games a year in Hartford, I had an internship at the Civic Center. I was there pre-game helping organize press row, etc...
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    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney

    OFT--This was a great thing you did for Harisson. I'm humbled to have played a small part.
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    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney

    Done. Hope all goes well.  
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    iPhone 6s and other Apple announcements today

    I had it happen once but did not notice the hot button, just that it was stuck off.