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    3/20 - Bucks @ Cs - The Takeaways Game

    Did Pat Bev accomplish something while I wasn’t paying attention? Was he good at some point or just always whatever this is?
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    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    I’m invoking the No Nancies Rule. All Nancies must stop posting. FFS People!
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    Indians pull Chief Wahoo from life support

    To be clear, it wasn’t our Tito, it was his dad
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    When's it ever gonna end?

    I'm voting "never". But this thread makes me sad clown :(
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    13 years ago today...

    The day my divorce went final was hard to top. I think if your child being born isn't bigger than 2004 you may have been doing it wrong. That being said, I happened to be in NYC on business when they beat STL, and it was really just a profound sense that the world was finally right as rain...
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    Red Sox to expand netting behind home plate

    Honest to goodness people, get a grip. No casual fans buying tickets - good ones, close to dangerous areas - means no professional sports. None. The RedSox and MLB are in the entertainment business, not the make sure our obsessed fanatics are 100% pleased all of the time business. Hockey put...
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    Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics for IT, Crowder, Zizic, BKN 1st, 2020 2nd

    I hope DA tells them to stick it in their ear. They knew they were mostly getting an expiring contract in IT. Barring serious injury GS isn't going lose, so restock and think clearly. Oh, and the schadenfreude as the Cavs spasm their way through LBJs last season will taste delicious.
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    Playoff Game Thread

    Doesn't hurt that they have Curry and Durant to carry them
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    Playoff Game Thread

    I don't really follow them other than being in love with Curry's handle and jumper, but why the hate? I lived out there for a couple decades, and that fan base supported some terrible teams. Honestly just curious.
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    Paul Pierce announces retirement

    I just looked him up. Makes me long for Karim Garcia. Marginal bit players should leave the mouthing off to people with talent. Oh, and get off my lawn.
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    Paul Pierce announces retirement

    Who is Brandon Jennings?
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    East Quarterfinals Game Thread

    This. This. Regardless of anything else in the universe, this.
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    NFC Championship: Falcons vs. Packers (Discussion and Game Thread)

    Julio Jones - what in the actual fuck was that? Man against boys.
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    Buchholz Traded To Philly For 2B/DH Josh Tobias

    Gonna miss you squirrel. All the best.
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    tOSU-Michigan Game Thread

    I admit to not really understanding the disdain between the two schools, aside from the normal undergrad crap. Spent a bunch of time in NE Ohio, knew lots of folks on both sides of the conflict. They're pretty similar from what I can tell. OSU is a bit more of a pro feeder school these days...
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    tOSU-Michigan Game Thread

    Not hate. Don't care that much. Lack of respect is closer. It started with his brother, but they both do it. Neither one of them can just own up and admit they got beat. It's called grace. Can't be bought, or taught, apparently. They make schadenfreude fun.
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    tOSU-Michigan Game Thread

    I'm not really cut out for game threads. It was the try not to be so fucking stupid that got me. Apologies. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. Never the less, I must say that I never really mind an outcome that results in a Harbaugh crying. So even though I don't have an...
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    tOSU-Michigan Game Thread

    I thought the spot was a coin flip. Turnovers count. Fun game.
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    tOSU-Michigan Game Thread

    This is straight out of Dale Carnegie. Well argued.
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    tOSU-Michigan Game Thread

    Has there ever been a sighting of a Harbaugh being gracious in defeat? Who the heck are these guys?