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  1. Toe Nash

    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    I'm optimistic. I think Tatum at least is still going to be an All-Star. Things can change quickly and you see who else comes available in the next year while giving the young guys a real chance to shine and blossom with a coach playing to their strengths and best development instead of trying...
  2. Toe Nash

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Or if they would have made a few more of their open looks in the 4th of that game. They must have missed like 8 wide open 3s in the last 6 minutes and they only lost by 5.
  3. Toe Nash

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    I know Steph is great and yeah I'd take him over Lowry of course, but Lowry was really impressive on both ends for the last four games. He made lots of clutch plays when it looked like they were falling out of the game. I feel like he was better than his stat sheet showed (and that wasn't half...
  4. Toe Nash

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    I did say it was emotional. I posted analysis upthread where the game was still within reach and to my eyes plenty of other players were still competing. I think my post was pretty reasonable but YMMV.
  5. Toe Nash

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    I know he's a top 25 player and I know you need them to win championships and I know that it sucks and is a bad idea to lose those kinds of players for no compensation. I also know that he was a solid help this year, on this team, whatever the chemistry issues were. But I can't get past his...
  6. Toe Nash

    2019 Off season -- Add a superstar, or subtract one?

    I completely disagree with this. I don't know if it's the best path for the team to follow but watching the young guys (plus some NEW young guys) develop will absolutely be fun, so long as they play like a team.
  7. Toe Nash

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    I'm not sure if it's "quitting" or just horrible decision-making but @BrianTRobb on twitter has been posting clips of Kyrie on D in games 4 and 5 and they're pretty awful: You can read more if you subscribe to Boston Sports Journal but I'll post a couple tweets: It seemed like they totally...
  8. Toe Nash

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    Rebuilding seems like a strong word. They only have Horford for one and Hayward for two more seasons. A lot of course depends on who is available as a FA or in trade and whether they'd come here, but it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that 2019-20 is a rebuilding year but by 20-21 they could...
  9. Toe Nash

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    You mean last year's team which way outperformed expectations in the playoffs when...Kyrie was hurt? I really think the health question is a legitimate, non-emotional reason to think maybe they could be a better team without Kyrie. Even if he's great then what do you do when he misses another...
  10. Toe Nash

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    I mostly agree with the sentiment of the last page or so, but I'd like to remind everyone that Tatum just barely turned 21 and Brown is 22 and a half. I was hoping they would take another step or leap forward this year, but that doesn't mean it won't happen (and if there were locker room issues...
  11. Toe Nash

    MLB/MLBPA discussing '19/'20 rule changes: Universal DH/no sept callups/3 batter rule

    Agreed. In such cases I would think teams might feign injury to get a change, and how do you regulate that? Make the pitcher miss the next game when they weren't going to pitch anyway? Make them go on the DL, even though guys leave games with minor injuries and turn out to be fine all the time...
  12. Toe Nash

    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    Offensive line won't give away the cadence this time, I'd have to think (neutral field will help)...Miller was in the backfield at the snap on many plays in that game. But the "key to the game" is definitely the offensive line vs. Suh / Donald / etc. The line has been playing as well as I've...
  13. Toe Nash

    The Final Day Of The 2011 Season

    I was at that game in Baltimore. It was not fun. Similar to Buckner getting the blame instead of Schiraldi / Stanley, I would blame Papelbon more than Crawford. But...they both sucked.
  14. Toe Nash

    Price is right

    Whether or not it's a good pitch on its own, he had already gone to it a few times. He got Gonzalez to foul off a similar pitch in the 2nd, and he struck out Gurriel in the 1st with a 92 MPH fastball up and in (tailing back over the plate). I remember thinking the pitch to Gurriel was nasty...
  15. Toe Nash

    The Bill Belichick Coaching Tree

    Could have said the same about Alex Cora.
  16. Toe Nash

    The Bill Belichick Coaching Tree

    Someone to keep an eye on re: this topic is Mike Vrabel, who is now the coach of the Titans and has a fairly solid team. Would he be considered part of the Belichick tree? I suppose since he also coached under O'Brien, even if you ignore his time as a player under BB.
  17. Toe Nash

    The Bill Belichick Coaching Tree

    Patricia seems to be picking up where he left off. Time will tell of course and Stafford not being able to recognize a zone defense is going to hurt any team. But as been noted time and time again, the Pats D was never very impressive under Patricia and their low points allowed was almost...
  18. Toe Nash

    The Search for a WR

    I've always like Tate but remember (as Van Everyman noted) that very few players, especially receivers, "get it" right away with Brady / the Pats offense. Especially if you just threw them in there week 1. Tate may be good enough to do so but it's more likely that whoever they acquire wouldn't...
  19. Toe Nash

    The Rays and their nagging attendance problem. Will a new stadium solve that?

    Maybe the price tag is going towards a new subway line since I don't see any parking lots or facilities in the renderings. Also, why on Earth would you have table-style seating 4 rows back from home plate? Let's take the best real estate in the park and put about half as many paying customers...
  20. Toe Nash

    Peyton Manning did HGH

    It wouldn't have helped him make an improbable comeback from a career-threatening injury to put up one of the best statistical seasons of all time? Honest question, I am not a doctor.