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  1. ernieshore

    2019 US Open- Pebble Beach

    I know they aren't new this year, but I like Shane Bacon and Brad Faxon on the commentary...solid and straightforward work. (though Faxon just pronounced Koepka's name wrong).
  2. ernieshore

    2019 US Open- Pebble Beach

    CBD gum-chomping Phil on tilt again at the US Open is great.
  3. ernieshore

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    First post in this thread to change luck - let’s do this!!
  4. ernieshore

    Women's World Cup 2019

    Henry Bushnell from Yahoo had an column kind of about this a couple days ago that I thought was interesting (though I am admittedly anti-replay/VAR on about everything, except tennis and maybe rugby).
  5. ernieshore

    Are the USWNT being unfairly criticized for their sportsmanship? Is it sexist?

    Still celebrating like they just won the World Cup. I don’t get it.
  6. ernieshore

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    “In fairness to Steen...” fuck him.
  7. ernieshore

    Game 3 - Bruins @ Blues

    I just want to join the chorus - fuck these complete assholes.
  8. ernieshore

    The Champions League Final: Liverbird vs. Cockerel

    I wonder if they switched from the UK feed to the world feed. I thought it was weird we were getting BT Sport promos from the first half announcers.
  9. ernieshore

    The Champions League Final: Liverbird vs. Cockerel

    Was just going to ask this. Am I that drunk already?
  10. ernieshore

    Global Football Odds & Ends

    Tense moments there! Fun to watch for a neutral.
  11. ernieshore

    PGA Championship- Bethpage Black

    I was just catching up on today’s round watching the Golf Channel and came to post this. Those are awful.
  12. ernieshore

    Game 3 - Bruins @ Canes

    Fuck off.
  13. ernieshore

    PGA Championship- Bethpage Black

    Top Tracer on the range with Tiger is pretty cool.
  14. ernieshore

    PGA Championship- Bethpage Black

    Does he get a lifetime exemption as a past champion? I guess I didn’t realize the PGA did that too.
  15. ernieshore

    2019 Golf Thread

    This past Friday I played on a course for the first time this year. Somehow, I pitched in on three different holes from probably 30-50 yards on each shot. And I had another one within two inches of also going in - guy I was playing with on the front nine bought me a beer. But those pitches and...
  16. ernieshore

    2019 Schedule Thread

    I was at that game in 2011 too, but I guess I had a different experience - besides Gronk's total domination. Long walk from the Metro to the stadium, threatening drunken bro atmosphere (including Pats fans), fights breaking out, FedEx is a relative dump...and I was on the Club level with another...
  17. ernieshore

    2019 Golf Thread

    Just saw that..."With one mile of ocean frontage, nine green sites right along the edge of the continent, and stunning Pacific Ocean views on every hole..." sounds awesome!!
  18. ernieshore

    The Tiger Thread

    Yes - it's supposed to help reduce anxiety, without getting you high. We actually give it to our crazy cat to calm her down.