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  1. joyofsox

    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    Price ERA First 2 starts: 6.00 Last 9 starts: 1.88 :redwine: Price's season ERA of 2.70 would be 6th-best in the AL, but with only 60 IP, he is under the minimum (69, at 1 IP for each team game).
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    RIP Bill Buckner

    Every writer will say Red Sox fans waited 21 years to forgive Buckner. But they are wrong. Red Sox fans They gave him a huge ovation during a public rally for the team in Boston on October 29 ,1986, two days after the team lost the World Series. On October 30, 1986, the Associated Press...
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    Slugging Percentage, 2019 Jackie Bradley: .153 All Pitchers: .164
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    May 3 Sox vs. Sox

    That's almost Ruthian compared to Pearce's -19.
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    4/26-27 Rays will put an end to this nonsense ... eventually

    1B coach is pointing, but Lin's head is down and he has retreated to the bag very early in the play. The ball fell quite far from where Diaz started out.
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    4/24 Reverse Jinx Day

    Man, I hate the word "swifty".
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Today's column begins: Only the CHB would feel the need to include that second sentence, lest anyone think he's taking glee from all aspects of this shitty start.
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    4/17 - Eovaldi vs Happ

    Gardner's HR went 364 feet. That doesn't even reach the warning track in RCF at Fenway. ... FML.
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    4/17 - Eovaldi vs Happ

    So ... 18 games in ... did anyone have Marcus Walden leading the pitching staff in wins?
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    Happy 12th Anniversary: The Pizza Throw

    NESN inadvertently shows a boob grab before the start of an inning. Remy sees it and says "Oops." ... And then there is 27 seconds of silence before Don squeaks out a few words ... followed by an additional 20 seconds of dead air.
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    Happy 12th Anniversary: The Pizza Throw

    That clip never gets old. The title says "Entire Affair", but it's not. There used to be a 4:32 clip, which is an additional 1:08 longer than this one. Looking back on my blog to 2007, I noted there were 23 versions of this clip posted. NESN came back from that half-inning break and they were...
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    Finn: Red Sox Potentially Changing Radio Broadcast Approach

    It was leaning that way during today's game. If Sean kept up this pace (even if he is ragging on WEEI for squeezing every penny out of advertisers), the sarcasm would get wearying in a hurry. But having the chance to hear him for the first time in a very long time this weekend was a breath of...
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    4/15- Day baseball; too early to be clever

    Cora, on making out the lineup: "I had plenty of fun. These are the days that you really enjoy being a manager. It's a challenge ... Where we at roster wise, and Christian has been taking groundballs at second and at short and at third. He's caught three in a row or four in a row, or whatever it...
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    4/15- Day baseball; too early to be clever

    Vazquez has played third base in the majors four times - June 19, 2017, July 20, 2017, and September 26, 2018 (both games of DH) - each time for the final inning of the game. No fielding chances in any of the games. He was a defensive replacement at second base in one game (4.2 innings) with...
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    4/6 - We’re onto Arizona

    Not sure, but ... The Red Sox opened the 1901 and 2003 seasons with 10 road games. The 1901 team went 5-5 (including a 23-12 win over the A's in G6) and the 2003 club went 6-4 (playing 16 innings in G2 at Tampa Bay). The only other team in the last 100 years to begin a season with 11+ road...
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    4/6 - We’re onto Arizona

    Speaking of Barnes ... where was he?
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    W.S. Hangover Cures: The Devil is in the Details...

    Or the 6th!!! Leading after 6 innings: 0-0 Tied after 6 innings: 1-0 Leading after 7 innings: 0-0 Tied after 7 innings: 1-0 Leading after 8 innings: 0-0 Tied after 8 innings: 1-0 Red Sox score first: 0-3 Scoring less than 3 runs: 0-2 Scoring 3 or 4 runs: 0-2 From today's Game Notes: The...
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    Game Notes

    I was also wondering where they went ... DAY INFO/Red Sox Game Notes&dir=2019
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    Joe Posnanski: your new Senior Writer for SI (Not No More, He Ain't)

    Midway through the piece there is this, which may be an answer: "This is a free JoeBlogs preview. To become a member, click here."
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    Steven Wright suspended 80 games for PEDs

    Wright: "I turned over everything. It was a pretty rigorous investigation as far as figuring out where it came from. I don’t think it’s from any of the doctors. I know for a fact it wasn’t from the doctors. It somehow got in there, but it’s such low levels that it could have come from anything."...