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  1. RIrooter09

    NY roster 2019

    They got the AL HR leader for a lottery ticket and Seattle paid most of the freight. DiPoto is a joke.
  2. RIrooter09

    Where the Red Sox have gone wrong

    They're 7 games out just an FYI.
  3. RIrooter09

    Who had the better career....?

    Mussina. He pitched the majority of his career in the AL East during the height of the steroid era.
  4. RIrooter09

    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    Bogaerts currently leads all shortstops in fWAR and is 5th among position players.
  5. RIrooter09

    Fan Safety

    Why not a couple of these down each line?
  6. RIrooter09

    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    Is this a serious post?
  7. RIrooter09

    5/28 - Plesac vs. Price

    I wish they had traded Lakins instead of Buttrey.
  8. RIrooter09

    5/28 - Plesac vs. Price

    Brasier was a one year wonder.
  9. RIrooter09

    5/25 - Game On

    19th in fWAR among relievers 2018-19.
  10. RIrooter09

    Decisions to be made

    Gronk, McGinest, Law
  11. RIrooter09

    Pedroia Predictions

  12. RIrooter09

    5/24. Bos at Hou

    If you say the sky is falling every day eventually you’ll be right.
  13. RIrooter09

    5/24. Bos at Hou

    Ump refused to appeal like a petulant child.
  14. RIrooter09

    5/22 Bos at Tor

    Fucking bunts.
  15. RIrooter09

    5/20 Sox Jays — DAY GAME, 1 PM

    That was unexpected.
  16. RIrooter09

    5/18 Astros

    When you surrender 7 runs you’re usually going to lose.
  17. RIrooter09

    5/18 Astros

    Didn't enjoy the Andrew Bailey era?
  18. RIrooter09

    5/18 Astros

    It's going to suck having to root for these guys against the Yankees.
  19. RIrooter09

    5/18 Astros

    Don’t forget racist.