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    2024 Spring Training Stuff

    I appreciate the response. I just thought of him earlier and haven’t heard a peep since the acquisition. I guess there’s a reason for the silence. But here’s to hoping he develops under the new regime!
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    2024 Spring Training Stuff

    Has anyone heard anything from Ft Myers regarding Justin Hagenman? He’s the guy we got for Kiké that wasn’t traded for O'Neil. He made 5 starts for LA before he was traded. And at the time of the trade, Fangraphs considered him a prospect with spot starter potential. His four innings of the...
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    Brayan Bello signed to a 6 year, $55 million extension

    If you haven’t already seen these, check out this Day In The Life with Bello in the DR and an All Access of him walking around the Dominican community around Boston. A Day In The Life Red Sox All Access Bello shines as much as anyone on the roster. Extending him is a great move. Boston has...
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    Offseason rumors

    I am just a cage in search of a bird. Hayden Birdsong to be specific. I was quick to think Davis is a $7 mil SF burden we could relieve and somehow creatively end up with an upside arm again! Edited
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    Offseason rumors

    Signing Chapman makes the 30 year old righty JD Davis redundant in SF. While it might not be right to try and acquire him, I can’t see SF keeping him with Chapman, Flores and Wade Jr. He costs 6.9 million this year and is a FA in ‘25. He’s better than Dalbec and would be used similarly.
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    Red Sox Sign CJ Cron

    I’m still rooting for Steven Scott to get a cup of coffee at some point with the Sox. But that may only happen if he can learn to play somewhere other than first base. Sox Prospects are projecting Cron to make the team and Dalbec starting for Worcester.
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    2024 Greenville Drive (High-A)

    I think Campbell is slotted into DH but as more of a UTILITY. He’s gonna get a lot of time in the field. SP notes he is athletic enough to play multiple positions. I bet he’s playing all over this year, with a focus on MI like was the case in 2023. It’s interesting me he was a draft eligible...
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    Movies I'd Make

    Thanks for sharing that!! I truly love hearing it over and over how wonderful he was. I wrote screenplays and treatments for 10 years with nothing to show for it. So I gave up and started working for the RI government! But boy would I love to make this. Gray Eagle Very good points about age...
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    Movies I'd Make

    Bird The Mark Fidrych Story I have the outline and would love to tell his story. I’d imagine any actor over 6 feet tall would want the role of an eccentric MLB pitcher who was loved by his home team crowd as well as any opponent crowd. Could be fun to play such a humble lead. I like Timothy...
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    The Newest Vaughn

    Do you think Albies and Riley had a lot to do with the Braves shuffling? If 3rd or 2nd base was the better landing spot, but they had Riley and Albies there long term, then yeah Grissom becomes an experiment… or bait. Atlanta is the rare team that needed no help whatsoever at those two...
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    Choosing your Favorite Child

    2018 This was the season that turned my daughter into a Red Sox fan for life. She was only 4, but knew the entire lineup and started asking all the good questions. We watched from opening day to the Machado wiff together. Then we each got matching championship shirts. The Sox were the best...
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    2023 MLB Draft

    Gotta be soon. Next team that wants a high school prep arm. I hope the Sox pass tbh. Rather they go with another college player they can sign
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    2023 MLB Draft

    I’d like to see a Tanner Witt or Alonzo Tredwell at #50.
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    Tanking vs. whatever it is the Sox are doing

    No point tanking if we cannot develop any of the picks into quality talent. Relying on high draft pedigree is dicey. I want this team to learn how to improve its pitching development personnel. Watching the Red Sox lose is part of me. The Front Office needs to do better. But of the two...
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    Minor league thread 2023

    Over the head of former SeaDog Jeisson Rosario!
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    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    Entitlements vs expectations I feel entitled to 9 innings of the highest level of competitive play with proper enforcement of the rules on a regulation field I expect to be disappointed
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    There’s no wrong way to grieve. But I thank you for your honesty, and the criticism is noted. You could have ignored but instead what me to edit better. I respect that. Last sentence sucks. There’s no going back excelsior
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    100% I was being silly. I’ll see myself out and go back to lurking.
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    Extending Devers helps me feel safely cradled in the benevolence of Bloom’s plan. I still think Bloom is exciting and love the idea of him building around Devers. He was the youngest of the Bloom options and it makes sense enough. Faith doesn’t require the most concrete of evidence to work. I...
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    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    I always felt we are the best fans in baseball because of what we have all collectively gone through. It makes sense to win 4 and finish last more.