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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    I mean, you’re right. We’re just really lucky to have you patrolling that wall. Good work!
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    Official Patriots 2024 Draft Pick Watch Thread (#3)

    Heavens to Betsy! Oh no! Rome is falling!
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    Brian Flores suing NFL, Giants over "sham" Rooney rule - "mistakenly" (?) sent Belichick text may be linchpin

    Shifting the focus a lot, I think. After seeing / hearing the same sort of statement from many ostensibly enlightened and well-meaning institutional leaders over many years, I’ve come to understand “we have much work to do” on diversity / inclusion as the “enlightened” leadership death knell...
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    Odell Beckham Jr.

    I saw those moments a little differently. Watching the video posted up-thread before reading other takes on it, I thought that Norman planted his feet, wound up, and walloped OBJ as hard as he could while OBJ went by. (Post #2, 1:04 and 1:16 in the video.) Seeing it that way, I thought OBJ's...